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Key Features of A Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

Key Features of A Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App[Eon -—

Creating an on-demand food delivery app is not enough for the growth of your food delivery business. To gain customer loyalty and improve retention rate, it is necessary that your on-demand food delivery app must have some innovative features. However, deciding on which features to include in your mobile app could be challenging. In this blog, I’ve listed down some prominent features that you must include in the admin panel, restaurant panel, customer panel, and delivery boy panel of your food delivery app.

Must-Have Features of An On-Demand Food Delivery App

Admin Panel 

Restaurant Management: Admin can add new restaurants to the app and delete existing ones as per his requirements.

Delivery Management: This feature will enable the admin to keep an eye on the number of orders that have been delivered and pending order deliveries.

Report Management: This feature will make it easy for the admin to track the overall performance of the restaurant panel, customer panel, and delivery boy panel. 

Notifications Management: The admin will receive all updates about new user sign-ups, affiliate requests, latest restaurant registrations, and more. 

Restaurant App  

Menu Management: Restaurant owners will add or delete the menu items on the basis of availability/unavailability of the food. 

Payments Tracker: This feature will help restaurateurs to keep track of the payment history. They can also check the payment received and pending transactions. 

Order Management: Restaurant owners can systematically manage multiple order requests with this feature. 

Track Delivery: Tracking the location of the delivery staff and order status will be easy with a delivery tracker within your food delivery app. 

Daily Sales Updates: Restaurant owners will receive notifications regarding the total earnings of their restaurants on a daily basis. 

Customer App 

Sign Up/ Login: Users will register to the app and create their personal account using this feature. You can also include social media integrations so that users can login with a single click. 

Payment Modules: Customers will make the order payment using the payment method of their choice.  

Search: Instead of navigating through the entire app, customers can search for their favorite restaurants and food items with this feature. 

Order Tracker: Customers can check the order status and the real-time location of the delivery boy with this feature. 

Self-Pickup: While placing an order, customers can opt for a self-pickup option and collect order as per their convenience. 

Ratings & Reviews: Customers can rate a particular restaurant on the basis of food quality, price, packing service, etc.


Delivery Boy App  

Login/Registration: The delivery boy will register to the app to accept and reject the delivery requests received from the customers.  

Delivery Status: Delivery boys can mark their status as active/inactive as per their availability and order requests. 

Delivery Management: This feature will help delivery boys handle multiple delivery requests and schedule them as per their priority.

Delivery Routing: Delivery boys can find the shorter route to the customer’s location and deliver the food within the estimated time of delivery.  

Apart from the features listed above, one must have detailed knowledge of various aspects of on-demand food delivery app development. A reliable custom app development company could be the best option to hire for if you’re willing to build your app within an affordable budget and time frame. FATbit Technologies, a custom mobile app development company, can provide you with all the services necessary to create a customer-driven on-demand food delivery app for your business.

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