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Know More About Transaction Advisory Services

Know More About Transaction Advisory Services


Transaction advisory services are a team of experienced professionals who can help you with your investments and financial planning. Investment management firms manage their client's wealth and advise them on investment decisions ensuring clients grow their wealth. 

Transaction advisory services include investment banking. One of the primary functions of these services is to provide support at the time of Merger and Acquisition (M & A). Investment banks act as a bridge between a merchant and a broker while conducting IPO transactions and various M & Transactions. 

Services offered by a Best Asset Management Company

Apart from M & A advisory service, investment management firms offer various other services. These include:

  1. Meeting Capital Requirements: An investment bank helps raise the capital for a company. When a company needs to raise funds for a project, they take the help of a transaction advisory services firm. In case when a company has a considerable amount of debt, then investment bankers help reduce the debt.
  2. M & A Advisory Services: Investment bankers are experts in managing complex M & A transactions. Some of the most critical services under merger and acquisition include:
  • Due Diligence services
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Pre, and Post Advisory Services
  • Buyer Side Advisory
  • Seller Side Advisory

3.   Trading Activities: Companies looking to raise capital requirements go for various options like primary offerings or Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). During the process of IPO, securities are offered to the public in a stock exchange regulated by a securities regulator. Apart from IPOs, investment management firms also assist companies in secondary offers and issues. 

4.    Strategic Advisory Services: These services include the valuation strategies carried out by a company when it needs to merge with another company. In India, valuation procedures are conducted by a SEBI registered merchant banker. Apart from valuation, investment banking services include strategic planning, business restructuring, and liquidation. 

Investment Banking Advisory Services

Investment banking advisory services from Pantomath group include transactions that cover strategic finance, initial public offerings, research, fund management, and capital raising. Their primary services include:

  • Research: Information on various companies is collected and shared per the client's needs and directions. This information becomes vital when an organization wants to understand the strategies prevalent in the market. 
  • One of the best asset management companies, Pantomath Advisory Services, offers asset and portfolio management services for securities and mutual funds. A portfolio comprises a pool of various investments that ensure a required rate of return on the investment. They also advise on the most suitable options available in the market to help clients enjoy a maximum return on their investments. 
  • Regulatory Advice: Investment banking firms also provide various forms of advice along with providing regulatory compliance and advice according to the Companies Act 2013, SEBI Act, and other related laws. 

Who Requires the Services of Investment Bankers?

Any organization contemplating a significant transaction requires the advice of investment bankers. However, large corporations may have a team of sophisticated finance personnel; an investment banker can still provide them with a valuable contact network and efficiently help when a transaction needs to be closed. 

Many medium-sized and small companies do not have an in-house staff to handle financial transactions. A good transaction advisory services company can provide the assistance required to initiate and execute a significant financial transaction. Thus these firms empower small and medium companies by assisting them with various financial transactions without the expense of hiring permanent staff. 

Qualities to Look at while Hiring Investment Management Firms

Investment banking is more of a service business and must provide top-notch services to its clients. Some of the qualities these companies need to possess:

  • Experience: The team of an investment banking company must be experienced enough to handle various types of financial projects. Moreover, you must check with the investment bank that they have experience in the transaction you need to go for. They should be experienced in your type of industry segment. Moreover, investment bankers are expected to have an extensive database of relevant contacts and potential investors that could be approached in acquisition times.
  • Quicker Working Ability: Most investment banking projects have specific deadlines and need their projects done on time. A company offering transaction advisory service must therefore be willing to work on the project to meet its deadline.
  • Ongoing Support: Investment bankers become familiar with your business after working on a transaction. Once the financial transaction has been completed, a good investment banker should act as a trusted financial advisor who can be called for advice and support on an ongoing basis. 

Roles of an Investment Manager

An investment banker’s primary job is managing and investing a client's wealth. These professionals take a broader look at the whole financial picture, simultaneously planning for both the short term and long term. Their primary duties involve:

  • Understanding a Client’s Financial Goals: A client has varied financial needs. Some need to have a good retirement corpus, while others may require funds for their grandson’s education. Investment managers make decisions according to their client’s financial goals.
  • Market Research: Investment managers ensure to remain on top of financial fluctuations. The research for most prospective investments provides their clients with the best return on investment. 
  • Design Investment Strategies: A robust investment strategy builds a strong portfolio.Investment management firms design specific systems to generate higher returns. This may include spreading investments with a diversified portfolio.
  • Managing Taxes: Investment involves complicated tax laws. Investment bankers implement the best tax-reduction strategies to minimize the tax burden on their clients.


When an organization needs the services of an investment firm, several options are available in the market. However, finding a company that cares for your financial goal is challenging. Pantomath Advisory Service Group is a paramount having an experience of more than 100 plus funds raising transactions, serving in more than 12 global countries, with more than 5000 plus corporates engaged. Contact us if you are looking for a finance or business solution, and achieve your financial goals today. 

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