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Know These Trends In Software Development

Know These Trends In Software Development

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Are you thinking about what the newest trends in software development are? What should you learn to fit into the current IT industry technology trends? You cannot control the technology advancements. You cannot stop it, and the technology trends keep growing. Imagine those times when it took about 15 minutes to make a call, but now you can make calls whenever you need to talk to someone anywhere in the world. That is the speed at which technology grows, and the software development trends are just awesome. The software world sees a lot of development, and it is becoming the computer world’s backbone. When you follow the software development technology trends and its current news, you will find interest in future technologies. For shining in the software field, be abreast of the technology trends. Cloud application development in Gurgaon guides you with the latest trends in the software industry so that you can prepare yourself in the field. 

The top and latest software development technology trends that bring a paradigm shift in the IT industry are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The first in the technology trends list is artificial intelligence. This trend might look overhyped for many, but it is a fact that humans have the potential to make AI tools a reality. Artificial Intelligence is being evolved at a rapid technology d pace and has been exploding for the last five years. Nowadays, the machine thinks like humans and performs tasks that humans were restricted to. There are many subsets in AI, like deep learning, machine learning, and the neural network. These technologies have seen a rise over the past five years. In fact, during the year 2019, almost 61% of the business professionals determined AI with machine learning as their primary data initiatives. Most of businesses integrate their software with these technologies to provide better service to their customers. These tools have a lot of applications at a broader level that has transformed the industry. One of the latest software development trends in the AI field is the standard application seen on many websites, chatbots. AI chatbots are seen in place of human assistance and customer service. AI makes every task automatic with speed and reliability. There are more chatbots, less human resource engagement, and accurate customer behavior.

  • Blockchain – Yet another latest technology trend is the blockchain that has become the talk of the town by also introducing digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Blockchain is going at a fast pace and is one of the recent technological advancements. Blockchain is being used intensively in the finance sector and now being applied in finance, banking, publishing, media, and healthcare software development. Blockchain technology is used as a secure and straightforward transaction recording in a decentralized ledger; due to this, it is strategically essential for businesses in all domains. Having a decentralized feature is the biggest strength, and it can store any record type in a public database that is safe from hackers. Many companies have plans to try their hands on blockchain development services, and hence there is a great demand for blockchain software developers. One recent blockchain-based app is Distributed apps or dApps. These apps have been a popular option for many software developers to create secure and decentralized open-source solutions. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT is also a software development trend, and it is estimated that about 90% of automobiles will be IoT enabled. Also, as per David Evan, a former researcher of CISCO, every second almost 127 new devices get connected to the internet. The IoT covers a broad device range that is connected to the internet. IoT applications have spread to devices whether in the industrial domain or customer. These technology trends are emerging everywhere, right from Bluetooth trackers and home-assistants, smart air conditioners, etc. With evolving 5G technology, many devices take advantage of power efficiency and wireless bandwidth. This brings to exciting IoT possibilities shortly. All devices connected to the internet are always on and communicating, so there is a need for it to be energy efficient. For this, the IoT software developers should have the ability to write code for devices that are small and internet-connected. 

  • Immersive Technologies – Yet another exciting and major technology trend is immersive technologies. The various technologies under immersive technologies are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality which is a mix of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These technologies are quite exciting and have a considerable market size. Augmented Reality is extensively being used in eCommerce applications in many ways to make shopping interactive and immersive. The eCommerce applications using Augmented Reality allow the customers to have a try-on virtually before purchasing. Also, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have potential in education, training, entertainment, marketing, etc. 

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) – Over the past few years, Android App developers have realized the mobile apps and websites cons, and hence arise the Progressive Web Applications, that has the perfect middle ground. PWAs are easy to develop and maintain, as well. Due to this reason, the PWA gained more attraction from the mobile app development companies. Also, these apps get loaded fast even though the internet speed is low. If you are aware that websites provide accessibility from any browser while mobile apps can altogether hold the technology capabilities of their platform. While PWAs combine both by integrating new web technologies to easily create powerful web-based tools that can be used in any platform. 

  • 5G Network – One of the most popular technologies in the IT industry is 5G. 5G technology is considered to be the latest technology in the software industry as it is the current technology. 5G technology is one of the most expected and current technological trends in the current decade. 5G technology transforms day-to-day devices. It is not only concerning speed but also 5G relates to low latency and ample bandwidth. 5G technology removes certain limitations of the 4G. Also, 5G technology brings more security and data precision for movement apps. IoT and 5G technologies are linked to each other. IoT advancement will cease if 5G is not developed. Driverless cars and smart devices depend on processing power, high speed, and 5G low latency for optimal performance of the devices. IoT is also instrumental for the VR-AR games, drone delivery, self-driving cars, etc. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, and it promises speed more than 1Gb/s.

  • Cross-platform Development Tools - Over the past years, applications have been developed on a single platform like Android or iOS. Once the initial app is developed on one platform, the developers would develop another version for a different platform. For this, resources are required. With the recent cross-platform development tools, it has made the developers and user job easy. Having many environments for development like Google’s Flutter and Microsoft’s Xamarin, it becomes easy for software developers to write apps that work on many platforms, whether it is a desktop or mobile platform. Also, the new software technologies take full advantage of the native APIs and user interfaces. 


In this article, we have discussed the various software development trends. These are not only the new trends in technologies, but there are many more IT trends and technologies. Having seen the rise in technologies over the years, it becomes essential for every business to keep them on top of all these trends and to include their daily business activities using these trends. 

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