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I dare to claim I am a poet

I just express my reflections I recapture with behest

In and around ambiance I dwell

I truly enjoy the myriad color my ambiance offers and prevail

Exquisite nature which offer such amazing grandeur

I am just perplexed to observe its magnificent exposition with valor!

I am a minute creature

In the planet Earth I dwell in rapture

It revolves in its orbital plane

I have nothing to do to restrain its journey in an infinite strain

I m a product of a continuous change

The only stationary feature I only experience with my mature sense

It alone makes a reflection in my cerebral

I doff off to its upheaval to cause a brawl!

I only amazed to notice how everything moves spirally

Upward and downward, how it moves with an abrupt synchronicity

Sometimes it brings fame to humanity

Sometimes infamy engulfs us with sheer ignominy

But linier have nothing to do to confuse us with a fuss

It is just a mirage only to camouflage

Heat, temperature and pressure

It alone determine our presence with distinct nomenclature

Spiral is truly an intriguing feature

Universe bears the testimony of its intriguing behavior!

When I have been asked to opt

Between two roads I confront

How do I know?

Which road leads me to ensure my flow?

One may allow me to have sensuous experience

I will never know other could decimate me perpetually without any vociferous presence!


Still I believe my destiny

Where living have nothing to do to determine my destiny

Only to make an emphatic role

In the E.C.G. monitor only linear having a pragmatic role!

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Bill Stankiewicz

4 years ago #4

It's Linear 👍😀

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #3

Lisa Gallagher

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Joel Anderson

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