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Living in Covid 19 Era

Lifestyle change is an evolutionary phenomena and impact deepens due to trials and tribulations of a raging pandemic. Though the changes may not be dramatic but they can have a mass occurrence all over the globe. In present times, the Covid 19 or coronavirus phenomena is a widespread pandemic. It has impacted almost all countries, even developed countries like US and in Europe necessitating protective measures in day to day activities.    

Living in Covid 19 Era

Protection measures in case of this pandemic are universal and call for technological innovation over the standard products to make them more protective. The three layered protective mask is an example. It is indispensable in order to protected oneself from another infected person. The three layered ones offer better protection as the virus is unable to penetrate. As precaution the masks have to be worn up till the nose covering the whole sensory area. But modern mask do not hinder breathing but some may prevent bad odors and feel soft such that no discomfort is caused.  Wearing mask is mandatory in public life whence chances of being infected are the highest. In many countries people who do not wear masks are fined as a rule. 


The transmission of virus and related disease can take place due to food we consume especially that which packed or stored and reaches us cold. In order to prevent pilferage or  intrusion the restaurants, fast food joints and food factories seal the packets using temper proof seals which are well impregnable.  The seals beside making the edibles safe are also used to publish company logos or brand insignia making the useful as promotional products. These are rightly known as temper proof seals and are available as restaurant supplies at stationers of repute. The seals come in various size fit for large containers and small packing made  for ready to eat meals and snacks.   


Some of the preventive and protective products sold by the stationers play another role and act as promotional products due to the imprints. Dispensable or once use products are in high demand since they are disposed off after consumption and thus hinder transmission. This applies to paper straws as well and they can be imprinted with company message, logo or brand name.      


Food wrappers play an important role in food preservation and are indispensable for stores, restaurants, fast food joints, sandwich shops and cafes. Mostly made of paper they preserve the edibles along with the flavoring ingredients without altering the taste. Available at stationers they are indispensable and come in various shapes and size. Major stationers sell these custom food packaging solutions made of quality paper. These wrappers are always in stock.  


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