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Making of Responsible Wildlife Resort

The climate challenge that is constantly unfolding and the global warming that we are witnessing all business will have to be responsible including the hotel Industry.

Making of Responsible Wildlife ResortResponsible Tourism has come of age with the negative impact like global warming that our society is experiencing there is no other option. While some aspect of going responsible will cost more some actually deliver in the long run.


There is no one set of action that makes a wildlife resort responsible. This is a holistic exercise and one needs to implement changes that creates less carbon footprints, utilizes alternative energy and the overall impact does not weigh down on the surroundings and the heritage wealth.

resorts in Kanha National Park are following this guidelines and the results have been spectacular as far as tourism and conservation is concerned. Most of the staff comprises of local people and the jeeps hired belong to the locals as well. There is community initiative also as some wildlife resorts have come forward to provide equipment, furnishings and accord boost to the structures by investing in construction.  

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