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#Being Human is very difficult so the questions are very unrealistic and rude to hear. But that is the course of action when anyone goes round the tough situation. When I knew all the life's answers they changed all the questions. Everyone ‘s Life is made by themselves ,but only one point is to remember that decide the GOAL and action plan. Once determined the GOAL then the plan should be implemented in action with passion .No one should tilt  your ACTION by any means.

 I am the winner , I will do , I must do, I can and it is possible for me these positive small small sentences will gives you positive vibrations as per Newton's law of gravitations. Without gravity we can say MASS but when it is applied in space it covers some displacement with change of place similarly when you set one goal there will be so many obstacles some primary and secondary those will persuade upon you. That moment is the yield point of your mind power. How much you are centered and goal oriented that will marginally filtered and yourself you can measure the degree and elasticity you possess.

Man is maker of his own destiny and it is all for everytime and it is applicable to 3 months old baby also. As example a three months old baby can touch fire lamp and finally cry with open of his full throat because he makes that pain himself but here he was a small baby without have any knowledge of fire lamp, is it correct or not? But at the age of 22yrs or post graduate how come you mistaken your goal without planning.If one beggar can be a singer and a small shop keeper becomes the world's 3rd richest man then how come blame to universe and fate.

Fate and Universe are directly proportional to course of action.Friends I am a firm believer of ALMIGHTY. But the point is proper direction is needed to excel and for exploration. 

The the responsibilities are so cute and strong where you cannot ignore them with smile so I have accepted all these with smile.



Biren Kumar



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