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Marketing on TikTok: All That You Should Be Aware Of

Marketing on TikTok: All That You Should Be Aware OfTikTok Marketing Guide
AY UNEAn upcoming and popular social media app allows users to develop and see small videos with music or any tailored recordings. It is an ideal app for extensive use though users can just browse TikTok by scrolling and seeing the content of various users without contributing much. Uses can easily develop videos using this app. Any Social Media Marketing Services in Gurgaon aligns with the TikTok marketing agency to provide digital marketing and various advertising services on the TikTok platform.

TikTok app has been attracting many millions of users across the world. It is indeed considered a dream platform for a marketer. But you should be aware of the way TikTok ads work and whether it is likely to promote a small business on the platform.

Let us discuss its main features and its applicability in business.

Before we get to discuss in detail TikTok, let us be aware of its history. Few pointers on it:

  • TikTok app is owned by ByteMedia

  • It first released its Chinese app version in the name of Douyin during the year 2016

  • TikTok makes use of software like Douyin

  • ByteMedia had acquired an app called

  • Later, it combined the two apps to gain more popularity during the year 2018

The growth of TikTok has been so fast, that few TikTok creators have become quite popular and have gained separate attention. 

But then, who is seeing the random content creators in the TikTok platform? It is mostly the young adults who are the TikTok users. When it is being used by many users, it provides all the reasons to increase its purchasing power that would make the TikTok ads and advertise more important.

Using TikTok ads tools, how does it help marketing? TikTok has been in function since the year 2018 and it is likely that it would get more advanced in the years to come. But, at present the TikTok helps many brands in marketing in the following ways:

  • Profile Creation – Creating a profile is seen as a cheap way to enter TikTok marketing. Once you have your profile in place, then content creation and finding audiences get easy on the way. But the videos should be displayed that would help you to focus on the brand and to attract users as well. Hence, video creation plays an important role here. Basically, users use the TikTok platform to see non-commercial videos, so if you as a brand wish to get involved, you should have a good hold on the content type to attract the users. The content should be popular before you start an account.

  • Official TikTok Ads – In certain countries, TikTok has some limiting price tag. Paid service of the TikTok platform has the following forms:

    • Pre-roll ads – These ads start immediately when a user opens the TikTok app

    • In-feed ads – These ads appear when a user scrolls the app

    • Promoted hashtag – These videos encourage users to submit with a custom hashtag

    • Branded effects – This provides a custom effect filter for video creators. This is like the ones seen on Instagram and Snapchat features. The one in the TikTok platform can mention brand-specific information

TikTok ads cost a lot. You need to shell out a few amounts on ads to promote the hashtag challenge. 

  • Tie up with Influencers – Connect with an established and applicable TikTok influencer for your product promotion. This is ideal for any kind of company, to get noticed. But, the TikTok platform does not have the provision to include URLs to click, so it does not drive your business website traffic from these videos. However, you can still work about by having influencers link to your online store in their introduction or in the comment section of the videos. 

  • TikTok Shoppable Videos – You must be aware or heard some rumors of shoppable videos on TikTok. In fact, this is a new option that is in the testing phase and yet to be released. It is available in the Douyin app and currently, the influencers are testing it. Like the shoppable posts and swipe up seen on the Instagram platform, it allows the business to market their brand by attaching the URL to the videos of TikTok advertising. This would help users to take to their online store by clicking on the URL. This feature would help influencer marketing and makes it easy to perform sales from your business profile itself.

(Image Source: Adweek)

You need to create a clear ad to create an impact on the users. As the number of TikTok users is increasing over the internet and when there are so many kinds of stuff on the internet, you need to make the videos very catchy to get over the users. You just need to best fit them. So, think of the most unique way to display TikTok ads by using the app's main features. 

When you begin to advertise in TikTok, you should be aware that it is not like Facebook or Twitter social media platforms. TikTok users have their content based on trends. It is very dynamic and what is interesting this week might not be so for the next week. The main point is to jump on the trends as quickly as possible. When the original content is valued, so be the case with reactionary content. 

Few contents that you could consider for TikTok marketing are listed below:

  • Hashtag Challenge – When a user sets a specific task and the other TikTok users are stimulated to try it and then post the outcome with the help of an associated hashtag. This process is a hashtag challenge. Any user can create and use the hashtag challenge, irrespective of the fact that others join in and spread. When hashtags challenges are paid, the brand’s hashtags are promoted for a few days and are normally together with a microsite. Here, users can make the purchase as well. When you identify a popular hashtag challenge that best fits your brand, it could be a great movement for your business. Using the same hashtag go through the other videos to analyze where you stand.

  • Sounds Impact – TikTok ads work well when sounds go with videos. The sounds could be in the form of speeches, some movie dialogue, song snippets, or some causal commentary. When a video is with sound, the sound gets saved on the Tiktok platform and can be re-processed by other video creators. Sounds are used in combination with other TikTok features like hashtags and dance challenges.

  • Dance Challenges – Music is popular on TikTok, and so is the dance challenge. It is shared when one video creator dances to a song and the other one recreates it. The dance can be in a short form or an elaborate one. 


TikTok seems to be a place to showcase your creativity, and it is an ocean for marketing. TikTok users prefer good and entertaining videos, so as a marketer you need to hit the right place. So, think of ways to impress the users using good videos with all the TikTok features

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Abdelhamid Mabrouki

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nice post

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TikTok is crap, let's be honest

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