Debasish Majumder

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Nature alone construe an amazing devise

Where predators and prey both continuously engaged in strife to suffice

Not exactly knowing

How they are being triggered to make their foray

What an amazing wide array

Where a matter alone declares its proclivity to evolve with bemusing fray

Some capable to survive

Some perpetually extinct but keeps its signature in relics for surmise

A continuous process of change only makes hype

Forced us to ponder about past with intriguing jive

Though present is merely a dot

But alone it paves us to thrive, not inducing us to rot

Enable us to focus on history

Which is the only source to dispel all misty!

In nature's grand floor

Myriad creatures struggle to explore

We human only having a society

Being construed by our own gravity

Where nature's selection takes backseat

Societal selection becomes champion out of superior's megalomaniac treat

Inferiors are subjected to huge ignominy

Though they play the key role to produce all social wealth and luxury

Despite being considered as utterly despicable for depriving their legitimate claim

Superior classes in social structure always indulge this anomaly only to ignore them

What a disasterous syndrome we all are experiencing sulkily to only engender anger

Which alone beckon all mayhem to jeopardize existing social structure

I wonder when we human can possess cerebral with equity

Where we all can quantitatively thrive with colorful entity!

I wonder, how many of us can perceive

Change occurs in nature's floor irrespective of our existence and nomenclature

We merely capture the reflections of nature's grandeur

Which only human cerebral can translate and explore

Despite we hardly can envisage

We too are mere rendition of of transforming matters expressions and sails

Which only dictates the phenomena of universe and prevails!MATTERS AND ITS CLATTERS!

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Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #8

I guess us developing as a species as opposed to other animals has devastating consequences for the plant

Nick Mlatchkov

1 year ago #7

Pascal, can u elaborate on this?

We seem to never learn, do we!?

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #5

Spot on in absolute terms humanity is probably the worst development that has occurred for the planet 🤔

Lisa Vanderburg

1 year ago #4

Such spiteful brats we are; those of us called humans! Put me down as a relic, dear Debasish Majumder. Not only poverty and want are preyed upon. I wonder, do we make victims of ourselves?

Dear Debasish Majumder- nice poem and is full of interesting analogies. You remind me of an earlier post of mine in which I assumed some emotions fall prey to other emotions. It seems the prey=predator conflict is what keep life going. This is going to be the case because we get nothing for nothing. When we get something we are bound to lose something else. We create our own predators.

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