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Greetings Dear Readers, Viewers, Subscribers …

Thank you, for your over-whelming response to the FIRST ISSUE of e-magazine edition of DATELINE GUJARAT launched on the day of RAM NAVMI ie 21st April, 2021 – WEDNESDAY.

Yes, this is Second issue the MAY-JUNE 2021 issue of the e-copy / digital copy / e-magazine copy of DATELINE GUJARAT, with a prime intent to EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER, the masses.

So, what is there for the readers in the MAY-JUNE 2021 Issue of DATELINE GUJARAT?

Living in interesting times, where the state of Gujarat is all set to witness interesting election seasons for the State Legislative Assembly 2022, as the Aam Aadmi Party kicks-off its central office from Ahmedabad, which was inaugurated on Tuesday, 14th June, 2021, with a Big-bang and much anticipated announcement of Ishudan Gadhvi, ex-journalist and prime time anchor face of Gujarati Television News Channel was sworn-in the party, in presence of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

As the news from Corporate Circuit of the nation makes noise about Mukesh Ambani having gained attention by attracting huge set of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into retail and telecom ventures under the flagship company Reliance Industries Ltd, during COVID19 times and the financial numbers for the year ended on 31st March 2021, raising brows, DATELINE GUJARAT uncovers the company’s consolidated revenue journey for last 13 years from year financial year 2008-09 till financial year 2020-21 and what lies ahead for the investors and shareholders, talking to the people tracking hydrocarbon sector from equity and journalism space.

Vijay Rupani, the Gujarat Chief Minister, has been quite a charm on social media, with the language issues, DATELINE GUJARAT unravels and unfolds the same, as the Chief Minister’s Office terms him as a leader and not an actor, showcasing how in past such leaders with their kind of language issues generated quite a humor.

Ofcourse, in our continuing #DLGSERIES, we now talk about the LAND FOR CULTIVATION.

Finally, the CORPORATE ROUND-UP (News reported on DATELINE GUJARAT NEWS WEBSITE ), aiming to arm the readers with equity and corporate space of the nation.

With this soft-launch we kick-off the SECOND digital copy / e-copy / e-magazine monthly edition of DATELINE GUJARAT, which is presently in English Language, as and when time progresses, depending on the response from readers and the product’s receptivity, we aim to hard-launch the same in coming months.

DATELINE GUJARAT’s e-magazine / e-copy / digital magazine aims to emerge as one supremely serious news product. Our intention is not to bombard the readers with “loads of information”, but dissect and bisect the pings, which otherwise “on the go” and “on the move” audience would have just acknowledged it, as some kind of a news, without bothering it to explore further.

Yes, DATELINE GUJARAT’s monthly e-copy / digital copy / e-magazine aims to emerge as one “SERIOUS INVESTIGATIVE NEWS BRAND” exemplifying itself in genre of “DATA (DRIVEN) JOURNALISM” and not remain limited to a pure-play of engagements over social media in terms of likes, dislikes, shares and comments.

Instead, we firmly believe that if the content is something which appeals you (as a reader/viewer) and if you are able to convenience and arm yourself with rightfully investigated information, you are definitely going to like it, share it and may be also comment over it, so that is something - we definitely leave it to the wisdom of readers.

On the onset of soft-launch of monthly digital copy / e-copy / e-magazine of DATELINE GUJARAT we sincerely request readers / viewers to please give us their feedback, suggestions – so that we can continue implementing it to improve our future issues.




Himanshu Bhayani / B. Himanshu / BH@Y


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