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Merchants are brazen, only crazy to focus on lucre

Though they resort to imitation in generosity which is actually not in their genre

By displaying their flamboyant expression of hypocrisy

They allure many

Dazzled myriad with their ostentation

They are undoubtedly adept to display their malicious rendition

With huge hue and cry, they only capable to promote sheer travesty

In an available social milieu which is their only U.S.P.

They are able to make majority gullible and duped them

Since centuries long we majority only witness utter mayhem

They never drift from their core agenda

Where profit and self interests of few they uphold with mystic criterion

They adroitly execute their vendetta

Where they skillfully construe a state character to satiate their vicious aspiration with bemusing charisma!

Even in Shakespeare's Play

Merchant of Venice brazenly display

Resorting to racial ploy

Ignominy they only express with nefarious coy!

Surprisingly in the trial scene

How a Venetian merchant being defended by a young lawyer to uphold merchant's glory without grim

Resorting to arguments with a confusing expression to uphold attribute and glory with infamous rhythm

Where the accused being flummoxed and ruined by defendant's infamous mechanism

We audience are just blown out of proportion by young lawyer's pseudo rational hoodwinking style in flamboyancy

Where reasons take backseat to eulogize the accused merchant's religious supremacy and identity with fallacy!

When a plaintiff finally being concluded by the trial court as an evil-doer

The dice suddenly change the climax where a money lender

Though a businessman forced to accept the devise being crafted by few who are truly the game changer

The plaintiff being unfortunately accused of only responsible to act the guilt

Primarily being driven by religious doctrine adverse to the opponent to make a tilt

Forcing him to declare as bankrupt

By confiscating all his belongings with a false texture

Sanitizing him by not giving any opportunity to survive with rapture!

Religious persecution is not merely recent trend

It was being used as a tool since centuries long in prevalence

Not allowing one to suffice, forcing to subdue to a confronting malice

What a perjury we experience in a nefarious ploy

Not able to gauge that it only sustain in the social fabric like a perilous toy

Where perfidy surprisingly wins our hearts

We unfortunately sway in gay, not able to envisage its tormenting episode to cause only ruckus!

Alas! we are eclipsed with dearth of reasons

Religion only becomes the overbearing tool to blur our visions

Eventually we take pleasure, not comprehending we are furnishing few greedy's goal

How ruthless state's endeavor which only pervades with a cloud to engulf majority's souls!

Pound of flesh or mound of soil

Forest's ferny floor or rivulets expressive movements in coil

Nature's endowment to majority being ignored

Minority erupts with their venom to assimilate nature's all bounty

Their unrestrained caprice having no limit just to claim their paramountcy

They legitimize all their claims with huge clamor

Poor majority! they are utterly helpless as they lack glamour

Minority capable to influence the design of social fabric with epiphany

Where majority merely treated as redundant for minority's tactical symphony!

Poor minority, I feel pity on them too

They too are not capable to fathom the evolution of species which act as the only glue

Where the new one having no resemblance with the former

From where they derive and evolve, devoid of any simile or nomenclature

From quality a new quality always derive with a new entity

Which only heralded by nature with a honest reflection and serendipity

People's knowledge we hardly comprehend

It is beyond the purview of human existence

It only carries the matter which transformed by temperature, pressure and inherent design of nature

What a unique craft work nature alone construe

Where human endeavors have any conscious effort to do!

Economic design is the key of social fabric

Where exploitation by minority towards majority is just systemic

It alone produce all tricks

Where religion, philosophical or political doctrines are just gimmick

Only aiming to ensure a state character

To maintain a status quo of sustaining exploitative nature

I wonder how we helplessly forced to align with reflection of nature

Beckoning our own jeopardy by tending to bury humanity without any sensible signature!MERCHANTS' INTRIGUING MENDACITY!

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Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #5

Another great write up 👍

Debasish Majumder, HITS A HOME RUN BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COOL BUZZ MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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