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People have blind faith on God


Religion they belong induced them to solemnized this thought

It is the omnipotent and omnipresent divine flavor

Which guides all human to lead a life of harmony and peace in flair

Religion and tenets are the only preface

To bind peoples life with solace

Though various religion only focus on salvation and crave to resort to heaven

Poor human souls only aspire to end their mundane odyssey to resurrect

With grace which is sheer contradictory and profane!

I wonder how religion emerged on Earth

Where there is always travesty and sensible approaches are in dearth

Yet people are obsessed with divine affairs

A super natural power is their only focus

Enabling them to lead a life in chorus!

It is the destiny they all firmly belief

God is supreme and discarding it is the only tenet for the cynic

Despite the deities and their figure crafted as God

It is only human endeavor and its acknowledgement being accepted with grand accord

Only reflects human physique and expressions in rapture

Paving few in the helm of religious institutions with huge clamor

They claim their institutions are responsible for status quo in an available atmosphere

We mass become the softest victims for their pernicious ploy and despicable manner!

I wonder how far we are capable to judge

Vicious cerebral of few are only responsible for majority's peril

With their unrestrained grudge and greed in redundancy

They bemuse us with their delectable fudge 

What a fuss we are beckoning by our fancy

Triggering majority to deviate from their task with confusing synchronicity!

Religion is the only tool to heralds a wide catastrophe

The spiritual devise is only capable

To make discrimination and inhuman mass annihilation with mystic affable

Virtually religion is the most effective tool

Acted as an opium on us centuries long to embrace warmly to usher only misrule!

We have seen since inception our image first reflect on water

It is light which make such grand arrangement in clatter

We devised a mirror later to fetch our perfection and satiable expression

It is light which only makes such amazing expression

A mirror image we receive in our eyes to gravitate our evaluation

We human alone are supreme out of all creatures in our perception!

How could we poor creature envisage and make a sensible signature in exultation

It is our brain who alone capture the light's enigmatic manifestation

It is nature who only introduce us with utter darkness

Earth's diurnal motion is the only reason to ingress

In one rotation

Time alone marvel with determining gestation!

I wonder who will gauge

How our brain work to capture light energy with a unique synergy

How it remains captive in our constant changing phenomenon and vouch

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is just a continuity prevails only with just a grand accord!

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My feelings about religion are to each his own.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #7

sir Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee i do believe whether after fifty thousand or one lakh years, the mountain we observe in our vicinity may exist or nor, who will prove and with what aspiration? but for mankind if we ignore the recent past in terms of time and space, we must say every thing being crafted by human endeavor is just with an aspiration to fulfill few privileged aspiration, whether belief in religion or any other tenet. I don't know how long I will be surviving as I am struggling a lot to eke out, but I cannot rule out how majority being subjected to humiliation for minority's fancy and privilege. The present scenario we are observing is too relative and in passage of time it may too obliterate like may empire simply vanished. I am privileged and honored for your consistent support and admiration which alone work as a instigation for me to write. It is you who facilitate me to understand so many nitty-gritty of life with ease. Thank you very much sir for your continuous support.

Ali Anani

3 years ago #6

Debasish Majumder- you are a bold poet. I don't know if I were the poet I would dare to publish it.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

3 years ago #5

Religion is man-made and all that comes after is just politics! It will take man a long time to undo the religious conditioning done to mankind! I'll start with my kids when I have one :)

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

3 years ago #4

Religion is man-made and all the comes after it is just politics! It will take man a long time to undo the religious conditioning done to mankind! I'll start with my kids when I have one :)

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #3

I don't do either religion in any shape or god in any incarnation the whole thing is alien to me what is not is what is done in the name of either.....

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Pascal Derrien

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