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Mobile application development trends for 2023

Mobile application development trends for 2023

Application categories will dominate the market

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world's interest in mobile applications has increased like never before. Interactive games, photo editing applications, Social media and business applications for people working from home have experienced a huge increase in downloads and have made the virtual world the new reality of people.

However, the situation will change significantly in 2023. Since people are trying to find comfortable ways to communicate with the offline world and are returning to their usual pre-quarantine life, products are needed to facilitate their socialisation. That's why airlines, ticket services, and attraction and travel booking applications are the products to be watched next year.

Application categories will dominate the market - 2020 2023


3 y


« Interactive games « Airline tickets
« Fitness = Ticket services
+ Social media + Apartment booking
« Business = Restaurant booking

« Shopping = Super apps

AR mobile application development booming


According to Statistics, RA and RV market revenue reached $ $ 25.21 billion in 2022. This figure will continue to grow in 2023, giving you a great opportunity to take advantage of these mobile app development trends and offer an experience that changes the rules of the game to users.

Now that smartphones are more powerful and equipped with more features than ever, developers can create truly unique user experiences, which increases customer loyalty and commitment. For example,Ikea launched an augmented reality app which quickly became popular in the market for its ability to place virtually 3,200 Ikea products in its homes. These experiments with decoration in the Ikea Place app before making a purchase help to avoid bad design choices and, therefore, increase customer loyalty to the brand.

There are already many examples of how augmented reality allows you to experience fashion in a fun and unique way.PICTOFiT shopping application allows you to see how different sets would look on you. In addition, you can get precise recommendations specifying your body type, skin colour and personal preferences.

There is hardly anyone who does not rememberPokemon Go Huge popularity in 2016. The mind-blowing fever of people around the world to live their childhood fantasies has actually increased has marked the era of public interest in augmented reality technology as a whole. We bet that 2023 is the right time to create something as cliche as this popular app.

ML will change the mobile landscape

Mobile technology is constantly evolving, and the mobile landscape will soon change dramatically. This rapid change means that companies must adapt their strategies to remain competitive, and the ML will be an important part of this transition. ML can help companies reach new customers more personally, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

ML in healthcare: data analysis

Machine learning is already applied in mobile healthcare. Copying the functions of the human brain, it uses neural networks to identify the changes that the human being is not capable of seeing. Here are some examples:

  • Drug discovery. One of the first successful applications of ML is precision medicine. It is a new sequencing method to ensure that the drugs have the proper effect on the patient.
  • ML helps discover drugs and learn to use them correctly in treatment;
  • ML improves to generate personalised treatments based on the medical history of a patient with little risk;
  • ML reports changes in daily activities and warns of long-term hazards;
  • ML helps keep medical records organised and efficiently categorises data using OCR recognition techniques.
  • ML controls behavioural changes and helps reveal what is important to the health of this particular patient.

There is a good example of how a mobile app development company can save the lives of diabetes sufferers: MySugr. Patients now better control their disease by recording their data on a daily basis. Doctors also benefit, as they can review the data and suggest better treatment.

ML in the media: image recognition

Machine learning has contributed significantly to the evolution of image recognition applications. Today, the demand for this type of application is greater than ever due to the increasing amount of data on the Internet and the unique ability of these apps to entertain and make life easier for people and companies. The market for image recognition applications isprevisiónwill reach $ 81.8 billion in 2026. This is a growing function that, in the future, will become essential for all industries.Image recognition technology has advanced so much that it can already be used to identify people, objects, and even brands in videos and images. This could soon lead to the use of the ML for content analysis and advertising.For example, Google Lens has transformed the way people discover the world around them and has opened new digital horizons allowing users to get things faster with the sole help of the camera or photo of your phone. There are a large number of examples of how Google Lens can be used effectively: fast text translations, accurate identification of plants and animals, and immediate scanning of QR codes. Based on your references, it helps you find the things you like by looking for similar ones on the Internet.

ML and answer to questions

The answer to questions is commonly used in social media applications and chatbots. Their well-deserved popularity is manifested in their ability to give users a quick and relevant response, thus saving them time in an in-depth search. Therefore, implementing such a system is a smart decision for all areas.

ML and recommender systems

Custom content is the number one goal of all applications in 2023. This is due to the increasing popularity of online tools that allow users to control their own content and communicate with others in a more personalised way.

One recommendation system is another application development trend that has dramatically changed the way users interact with digital products. Filters user data and presents only the most relevant information that should be the perfect match. A great example is the Netflix application that helps users around the world choose the right movie for them, thus increasing their brand loyalty and making them return.

Overlay development is booming

Social networks, such as Facebook or Snapchat, were mainly used to keep in touch with friends and family. They are now gaining popularity for additional features such as shopping, banking, and entertainment.Meituan is a good example of how the functionalities of an app can be expanded within the same product. It started as a food delivery app, but now it's an important shopping platform. After adding an option to book hotels, he has become a dominant player in the market. Additionally, sparkout fully integrates with WeChat, allowing users to pay directly through WeChat Pay.Speaking of the latter, the WeChat app started as a messaging app in 2011. Now it has become an inseparable part of everyone's life in China: one uses it to send messages to his friends, buy food, call a taxi and even book an appointment with the doctor. There is practically no life outside of the WeChat app in China. And what's more interesting: no analog of Western application has yet been developed, making it even more tempting to consider this trend in the first place. Overlapping has become increasingly popular in recent years as it offers more and more user functions. With these applications, users can access their digital needs with a single login and only enter their payment information when necessary. This makes it easier for users to manage their finances, contact family and friends, and shop.

Emphasis on safe application development

As already mentioned, people are looking for better mobile solutions to meet their daily needs, and over-applications could be the answer. However, there is another factor to consider: the security of mobile applications. Most of the digital fraud occurs on mobile devices. This is because people are more likely to use their mobile devices to access the Internet and transact than to use standard web browsers or email clients. According to a McAfee study, the number of crimes committed through mobile devices has tripled in the last five years.

All clients understand the risks and will choose a very secure application to save their personal data. This is why creating a secure application is as critical as creating an easy to use or multifunctional one.

Point of sale terminal accounting

Today there is a high demand for point of sale terminals as a new way to manage payments, track sales or manage customers in your store. Not only are they a bridge between the hardware and software that creates a complete transaction process, They are also useful for tracking sales data and collecting customer information.

Being cloud-based and running as applications, they offer huge resources to small and medium-sized businesses without significant investment. Custom customer experience, flexibility, quick access to accurate data, and ease of use Sistemas POSthey allow companies to operate as efficiently as big brands. For example, an advanced POS allows restaurant owners to update their menus in real time, manage reservations, integrate online orders, process different payment methods, etc. It is another great mobile trend to consider if your goal is to increase customer efficiency and loyalty.

Previously, payment terminals were limited to complementing existing equipment at points of sale.Android Changes the rules of the game because it allows acquirers and value-added providers to develop their own applications. By replacing multiple devices in the store with their own applications, merchants and purchasing entities can reduce the total cost of ownership and increase customer loyalty. In addition, Android has a large community of developers, and Android-based point of sale systems can run various applications. In addition to front-office features such as store, loyalty, click and collect, and ticket applications can also offer back-office features such as personnel and reporting management. Alternative payment methods can be accepted by taking advantage of the device's expanded capabilities, such as cameras, scanners, and NFCs.In addition to traditional payment methods, Android allows you to easily port new applications, such as QR codes and digital purses.

Increasing popularity of applications 


In 2023 there should be more voice recognition applications. The market for this technology reached more than $ 10.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow in$ 27,160 million for 2026. The popularity of voice search is easy to understand, as it is much easier and takes less time than manual writing.

Adding a voice recognition application to your wallet will be a smart decision that users around the world will greatly appreciate. For example, our mobile developers have created an Android application that guarantees a safe car trip and provides quick access to the necessary functions: maps, calls, messaging, music player and an "emergency button". The popularity of the application is due to its "driving mode" functions and its integrated ability to control them with voice commands.

Focus on gamification

Otros Trend in application development worth noting next year is gamification. It has proven to be the most attractive feature of applications that increases user engagement and drives conversions. The global gamification market reached the $ 11.94 billion in 2021, a $ 7.03 billion more than in 2016. Considering these incredible numbers, it's no wonder that companies are willing to invest a lot of money in gamification for their apps and enjoy all of their benefits.

The newly emerging crypto and superplications have already integrated gamification, confirming its popularity worldwide. For example, Stepn - the largest app that pays users to walk, run, and jog. The rules of the game are simple: you buyNFTin the form of sneakers from the Stepn markets, connect them to the app and start being physically active to win tokens.

Mobile purses booming


Applications that allow money to be saved and accessed on the go are a new trend, and mobile purses are one of the most popular options. These applications allow users to save their money safely without worrying about losing or forgetting it. Check out our recent blog post on digital wallet construction..

Mobile pursesThey are the advanced online payment mode that most people turn to for convenience and security. In addition to being used for everyday tasks, mobile wallets allow users to access bank accounts and make purchases without the need for a physical credit card. So it is time to recognize that mobile wallet applications are a promising niche in mobile development that deserves special attention.


Increased platformslow-code or non-code

Low-code or non-code platforms complete our list of emerging trends in mobile app development. The reasons why companies prefer to switch to these platforms are simple: they serve to accelerate and facilitate the development process. Being time efficient and plug-and-play focused, they help quickly capitalise on new market trends.

Take the low-code Mendix platform as an example. Eliminates the need for a dedicated development team or technical testers. It also replaces the project manager and speeds up the development process while keeping everything under control. PowerApps, Zoho Creator, OutSystems, Appian ... all perform the same function, helping you create MVPs from scratch within deadlines and budget.


There are 6.29 million applications on Google Play and App Store combined. To stand out in this tough competition, you must adopt the latest trends in mobile application development and offer a fluid digital experience to your target audience. This is how you will win the hearts of your customers.

Visit us: sparkout tech solutions As a leading mobile application development company, we are dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions that not only meet your business objectives but also delight your users.


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