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Mobile Apps and Their Benefits to Businesses

Mobile Apps and Their Benefits to Businesses

If you’re still refraining from developing a mobile app for your business, you need to think again. A mobile revolution took place a long time ago and by now, this technology has taken over to become an unavoidable necessity for every business—however big or small.

With Gen X and Gen Y increasingly becoming digital immigrants, and Gen Z born digital natives, you cannot solely depend on your website (even if it is a responsive one) to increase conversions.

The number of smartphone users isn’t going to diminish any time soon. In fact, it is only going to increase. And there is no denying the fact that your customers are also from the group of these mobile users. In order to cater to their specific needs, you must extend your offering.

The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month. No doubt, the year 2020 is likely to see mobile apps generating $189 billion in revenue. Today, there is a mobile app available to serve almost every requirement from health to hospitality and from travel to banking. Apps communicate clearly and effectively with target audiences.

However, before you start with building an app for your business, understand what purpose it is going to serve. Familiarizing yourself with the benefits of business mobile apps. Let’s take a look at how a mobile app helps your business grow.

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Benefits of Mobile Apps to Your Business

Add value for customers

Customers want value out of your product or service. If it delivers that, it’s a win-win for both you and the customer. Their interaction with your brand increases to make them stick to purchasing from you and not switch to your competition. As people use their mobile devices most of the time, a loyalty program can encourage your customers to engage more as it works even better with an app.

Create more awareness and boost sales

In today’s mobile-dominated world, a prospect or consumer looks for a product or service on a mobile app rather than on a company’s website. It is a common phenomenon nowadays that people conduct searches on-the-go which happens on mobile.

Mobile apps make customer interaction with a brand faster and easier, further helping with making a buying decision. Therefore, where websites raise awareness among customers, apps support sales and increased revenue.

Earn customer loyalty with brand recognition

If you are looking to enhance business accessibility and gain customer loyalty, mobile apps are the key. These let you notify users about any product innovation or upgrade, thereby keeping them up-to-date about your offerings.

When your app remains in a prospect’s subconscious, they are more likely to buy from you in the future using the app. Since it becomes recognizable at the time.

Regular communication with users also helps build a staunch relationship with them, which leads to a large, trusted customer base and builds customer loyalty.

Other offers such as discounts or cashback also help strengthen customer relationships.

Deliver personalized content

Personalized content provides an out-of-the-world and pleasant experience to users. Why? This is because they receive content that relates to their preferences, culture, and language.  

With mobile apps, it is easier to deliver a personalized experience. Users can define their preferences post installing the app, while you can send content that meets their preferences.

Channel your app to offer smart recommendations to users based on their interests to further increase app engagement. Also, send them location-based real-time product updates that inspire them to take a purchase action.

Ensure higher productivity and reduced costs

To your advantage, mobile apps help cut marketing costs and increase productivity by allowing frequent communications between employees, sellers, and customers. Employees can quickly share resources, respond to customer queries and teach about products.

All customer data is available at one place along with reporting tools, which together results in higher efficiency. Regular communication also facilitates reduced advertisement costs. You can leverage social sharing on apps, which helps reach a wider audience without any charge.

Employ it for social commerce

A mobile app with social features can benefit a business to a great deal. Integrating these features into your app is no rocket science. It’s no surprise that people sometimes log in to their social media account only to learn what their friends are up to. Use this element to improve your marketing strategy and let people converse with their friends while discovering your brand. Embed in your business app outstanding features such as instant chat, likes, comments and photo-sharing to fuel engagement. Provide users with the option to register or login using their Facebook or Twitter ID.

Evidently, this methodology leads to sales expansion and customer retention.

Final Word

According to State of Mobile 2019 report, app store consumer spending showed 75% global increase to $101 billion in 2018. Therefore, if you are devoid of a mobile app for your business, you are certain to fall behind your competitors.

A mobile app cannot save your business but can earn you brand recognition and act as an effective marketing tool. Your mobile app is your chance to stay connected with your customers, unlike your website which creates the idea that you are located somewhere far away.

The sooner you root yourself to their screens, the better. A mobile app is a source of convenience for modern audiences, which can help you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

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