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Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture- Pros and Cons

Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture- Pros and ConsMONOLITHIC ARCHITECTURE

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The hassle that large scale enterprise applications under development bring to the table of software developers was too much. There was no solution at all to this problem that’s why a different architectural style was required. Hence the term "microservices" came into existence after the sustainable development in cloud computing space, it was first used by Dr Peter Rogers in a conference on cloud computing in 2005.

Full Article Source: Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture- Pros and Cons

"Microservices" was premiered at an event for software architects in 2011, where the term was used to describe a style of architecture that many attendees were experimenting with at the time.

The Monolithic architecture is the conventional style that we have been using normally whereas the Microservices architecture is used only in extremely large-scale applications which cannot withstand downtime.

What is Monolithic Architecture?

Web Applications usually consists of three parts

  • Front End client-side application is written in JavaScript and other languages.

  • Back End Server-side application which contains business logic written in java, PHP, Python or some other language.

  • Database of whole web application

All of these parts are closely coupled and frequently communicate with each other. Hence the whole web application works as a monolith where every part is dependent on others.

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Advantages of Monolithic Architecture

The code structure of monolithic architecture is small as compared to microservices architecture. Hence the Monolithic architecture-based web applications are easy to develop, easy to test, easy to deploy and easy to scale.

Disadvantages of Monolithic Architecture

  • The complexity in Monolithic Architecture increases too much with bigger size which makes this approach limited to a certain size of projects.

  • The increase in the size of the web application increases startup time.

  • Bigger web applications become more complex and consequences in reduced code readability, difficulty in development and debugging.

  • Changes are one section of the code can cause an unanticipated impact on the rest of the code.

  • Extensive testing and debugging are required on integrating new code.

  • Continuous Integration and continuous deployment become difficult.

  • In case a part of web application shuts down then rest of the web application will go down as well.

When to use Monolithic architecture?

Monolithic architecture can be used in projects which do not require real-time response and they can withstand downtime. These kinds of projects are limited to a certain size if the web application’s size is expected to go beyond that then Microservice Architecture should be adopted. Most of the web applications that we normally use are based on monolithic architecture.

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Full Article Source: Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture- Pros and Cons

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