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Smoke, fumes and guns

In my country or other part of the world

Where in emerging sun

Where all are bathing with nature’s pristine turn

All are vowing for a noble cause

To bring war to an end in all forms with desirous applause

But alas! Our lands are only marooned with blood bath

Can it be a tool for perpetual peace apart from engendering enormous fuss?

Poor human are the softest prey

For few nefarious who are engaged and indulged in a fray

They are capable to involve many

Focusing unsettled disputes with mere cacophony

Evolution they firmly believe and sustain in lieu of revolution

No such sensible elevation we observe with jubilation!

Mankind and humanity only taking backseat

Brazen traits are unfolding dominantly with victorious beat!

Red, the color of blood engulfs our human spectrum

How can we ignore it for its highest intensity at random?

Our vision eventually becoming blurred

Unlike nocturnal, our spectrum never permits us to visualize any rational thud

We only tend to subscribe views devoid of reasons

Thus, we became the worst victims against mankind to experience just inhuman mayhem!

Eye for an eye

Still little uproar with a shrill cry

Capable many to subdue

With their frantic hue

Alas! Majority are forced to pay

For few eccentric’s self-interests and gay

They though insignificant in number

Still they express their supremacy and clamor

Wheels of history thus rolls on

Where majority suppressed by minority with their hoodwinking clarion call!

I wonder, how we common mass are still being deceived

Fromm cave dwelling to modern status of us prevailing

How we evolved and revealed our entity is truly appealing

Conditional reflexes made huge uproar which is camouflaging

With magical resonance, an enigma which is unbridled

I am in dilemma whether our external as well internal constituents construe any riddle

Engulfing us to make numb, not to act sensibly in our available surrounding

We truly are bemused by the face of matters which manifest and expose

Hardly have we bothered about its history and circumstantial episodes!


Time and space plays the most crucial role

Where militant outfits also cause huge disaster, yet capable to produce hyperbole

We hysterically act to uproot few with our utmost detest

Hardly have we bothered they too human and having alacrity to make truce and rest

All are craving for peace, no blood shed

Children, women and innocents are dying in ceaseless

Insurgence and counter insurgence both are taking toll

Numerous lives are being slayed with tears only to roll

But I only pray

When this eccentricity conclude? such ignominious fray!

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Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #9

Debasish, And they have the audacity to call themselves leaders, these people that have never served and never put their lives on the line for their beliefs. Worse still is the belief we hold that certain things are worth dying for. Will there ever be a day when the hero is the person who says no to every form of strife? I saw a movie not long ago directed by Mel Gibson called Hacksaw Ridge. that is the kind of courage it takes.

Ali Anani

3 years ago #7

"Thus, we became the worst victims against mankind to experience just inhuman mayhem!" Inhuman acts from humans. They are still called human in spite of the blood shed they cause to humanity. As long as their is a hot-red desire for greedy gains, exploitation of others and denying the feelings and needs of others sadly, such inhuman acts will continue. We live in a forest that is full with few hungry predators with yielding majority. Thank you dear Debasish Majumder for continuing to write on human sufferings.

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #6

We discover here the ooze of the human condition when we cut with this examination deeper into the skin of brutal power.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #4

Jan \ud83d\udc1d Barbosa

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

Joel Anderson

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #1

that's a great reminder that we are very feral in our human endeavours despite all the cultural varnish we have applied :-(

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