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I have a fancy to live high

Above the sky

I resorted to a skyscraper

To satiate my aspiration and desire

I felt extremely contented with my glamour and clamor

I am superior from many out of my endeavor

It is my strong belief

Out of ability and potentiality I am enjoying such wonderful relief!

I am in smug and feeling safe

I am isolated from lot who are just despicable to my jest

Everyday I enjoy my usual design of livelihood

Where electric lift and other gadgets make my comfortable life with sheer gratitude

Hardly I am capable to comprehend the buzzing sound in loud

The nature as well trees and plants in and around me too struggling to reach out

Above the sky is too their aspiration

Whether photosynthesis or in respiration

They continuously work with perspiration

How to express their entity in valor

To make themselves distinct too in nature's floor!

Unlike Xylem and Phloem in plants construction

We human can travel for our existence in bidirectional

With our distinct capacity to think and rethink

We explore the nature's floor to prove our superior extinct

But when a natural catastrophe hound us

We could comprehend evidently how insignificant our gravity which we claim in boisterous

We helplessly witness the uprooted trees became the softest victims

Like in man made war where children and women too subjected to few atrocious regimes

Helplessly they are decimated

Their obituary never being scripted

But their dedication will never be suppressed

They are true pedestal on which on which human civilization propelled!

I wonder if there is no existence of trees and plants in nature's surface

As I recently observed huge quantity of them suddenly became moribund and dead

Being uprooted and devastated by the attack of a cyclone

Engulfing us with a life threatening menace

Alarmingly nature conveying the message of its rage

Tough fighting against nature is our inherent tendency

How could we expect from nature on us its clemency

Subduing nature is still beyond our capacity

Yet we are still engaged in fight within to subdue majority within our fraternity

Not knowing how they too may react to obliterate few's entity!

We few are perhaps considering only privileged

With audacity and ego we dare to cause huge rampage

Nature will surely take its toll

In due time to obliterate our superiority with hyperbole!MYSTIC NATURE!

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Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #5

That's some introduction ''I have a fancy to live high Above the sky''

Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #4

Debasish, I don't understand poetry but this moved me. Thank you.

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #3

Fay Vietmeier

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #2

Jerry Fletcher,

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