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Nanowire Battery Market Top Leading Manufactures by 2022

The key drivers bolstering the nanowire battery market are portable electrical and electronic devices that include cell phones, laptops, wearable devices. Increasing demand for advanced medical applications and devices has resulted in constant innovation of new medical products which uses batteries to store energy, in turn, propelling nanowire battery market. Low manufacturing cost for producing these products and its lightweight properties are bound to be other prime reasons for propelling the market growth. Presently, the product is also making its way into applications in drone and marine batteries. However, it is noted that nanowire batteries are susceptible to the edge effect. The edge effect is when the conductivity of the battery is affected if the bonding between the neighboring atoms on the surface of the nanowire is weak. This factor could cause some damage to ongoing growth of the nanowire battery market. On the other hand, several research and development organizations continuously invest massive amount to develop new products and collaborate with various universities. These collaborations entail making this technology easily available to consumers. Also, a number of researchers are striving to solve the minor challenges associated with nanowire batteries by coating nanowires with a certain type of a gel. For instance, in 2016, researchers at the University of California created a new gel coating for nanowire battery that could be cycled many times without wearing out.

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