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Intriguing motion

Always backward or forward in random action

The dynamics of life thus proceeds with grand rendition

What a unique echelon nature construe through continuous evolution!

I wonder about the nature’s reflection

What a grand symphony it alone plays with unique tune of appreciation

Induce us to draw attention

Vowel cannot stand without consonant in alphabetical design of human’s reciprocation!

It’s always amazing how plants grow in nature’s bosom with vibrant roar

How a bacteria responsible for nitrogen fixation to ensure plant’s growth in nature’s floor

Even in aircraft’s tire

Nitrogen being used to avoid disaster

Now we are tending to use nitrogen in all form of surface vehicles tire

As a precautionary measure to restrict accidents in motion

I wonder does it have any resemblance of regulating motion of plants to avoid any apprehension

We just cannot rule out

Nitrogen, an element alone plays an instrumental role and determines our expression in loud!

It is the motion which plays the intriguing role

Whether backward or forward, up or down

An intriguing syndrome bemuse us, not to decide where to recluse

It alone construe

Our eventual fabric with sheer hyperbole in due

For plants to synthesize a grand protocol

Glucose is an essential product with immense potential and pragmatic role

To expose and evolve plants with vibrant focus

It is the Azotobactor which fixes plants in soils

To ensure plants to grow by facing huge turmoil

Trigger us to ponder, may be a subject of ridicule

Whether organism or plant, which appears first in human’s schedule

Ammonia though an unbearable gas for human’s sensation

But it alone devises the design for living to survive with distinct expression!

Nature alone used to design her unique tray

She don’t have to worry about her mystic fray

She is always honest to produce her reflection

Which we consider as our entity with enigmatic comprehension

It produces an image in our visual rhythm

Though we may confused by its manifestation in our spectrum and gleam

Where VIBGYOR never interpret from top to bottom

We habitually consider Violet at top

And Red at the bottom in our scripture and perused by our self- promulgating resort

We refuse to admit our own prose

Where our own spectrum indulging us to go for a loss!

We always tend to deceive us

Whether sweet or sour in our taste bud may guide us

We admit or discard with our fanciful trait in chorus

This may satiate us in our available state

By minority’s fancy and consideration

Majority becomes victim and forced to toe with minority’s camouflaging dispensation

I wonder the inherent strength of minority and its dominant state

Where majority forced to subdue to minority with amazing haste!

10 keep you there

How minority buy majority’s view

Which make an indelible impact to majority’s purview?

There plays the role of charisma and charm

Concept of Quark is truly revolutionary to accelerate humanity with championing impact at random!

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Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #7

Debasish, Thank you once again for stretching my mind both in the form you present and the ideas. I've been told that being a poet makes one think in a different way. I prefer to think that marvelous ideas would be there no matter how you sought to convey them. And so it goes.

Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #6

Debasish Majumder Debasish~ thank you for the gift of your poetry ... many interesting thoughts Nature is a wonderful teacher The question is: Are we good students? Nature "groans" with us ... for the earth to be renewed ... Are we listening? & Nature praises: From my poem: "Songbird" Gratitude can be heard in the cacophony of praise that is instilled in creation: The wind “whistles” … trees “whisper” … brooks “babble” … oceans “roar” … crickets “chirp” …frogs “croak” … and birds “sing” Like a wondrous, winged orchestra bird’s rise at dawn to sing to God: their cheerful songs of praise and gentle gratitude’s can be heard throughout each day … These flocking, feathered musicians are models of thankfulness … if we but listen. @Kevin Baker We are in LIKE-THINK on this ... "How minority buy majority’s view" ...It is totally the opposite... The majority buy the minority's view (blind guides)

Lyon Brave

2 years ago #5


Debasish Majumder, your poem speaks volumes about today's brouhaha! Superb piece!

Very interesting poem dear Debasish Majumder. SO many interesting points.The scientist in me paused over this thought: "Now we are tending to use nitrogen in all form of surface vehicles tire As a precautionary measure to restrict accidents the motion I wonder does it have any resemblance of regulating motion of plants to avoid any apprehension" To be honest, this is a thought to google and find out more. I shall do this because you ignited my interest. Nitrogen is an inert gas,yet it has many active uses.

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