Debasish Majumder

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NAUTURE'S UNPREDICTABLE FURY!Mountains, woods and sea

Continuously induce me to explore and enjoy the nature's bounty with glee

Never fatigued I become 

To enjoy the nature's endowment at random

Which I love and frequently resort to for enjoying a jocund company

To get rid of city life's monotony and eventually align with nature's eternal symphony!

But they despise me

Who are snatching the woods, mountains and seas with their brazen spree

Mundane wealth, luxury and comfort are their only subject to heed

They are ready to go to any extent to satiate their unrestrained greed

Devastating nature and beckoning jeopardy to many

Poor majority are becoming the worst victims to nature's fury!

Who are the product of nature

And feel comforted in nature's floor with clamor

Wink of an eye their lives would have been obliterated from nature's floor

Majority's lives have no value to few eccentric's mindset and design to garner only wealth

But they are busy with their pernicious traits, not bothering to majority's fate

Not knowing their ephemeral lives in nature's floor too in precarious phase

Hardly they care for nature and ecosystem

They only focus to cause mayhem

Still they remain unperturbed and unpunished

And enjoy their supremacy with an ego that they will never be vanished

Only for few rabid loonies ecstasy and hegemony

Poor mass is paying the price of their lives and legacy

Majority alone are the motive force of scripting the world history

Minority's emotive traits only paved them to go into oblivion repeatedly

Centuries long exploitations, repressions flow

But surprisingly in the upstream they successfully capable to swim and glow!

Hardly the few can envisage

Reciprocation too inevitably evolve in due time to presage

Upside down is just a matter of time and space

Unicellular organism cannot follow the process of evolution in any stage

Their greed only compounding to more complex rhythm

Where hardly they could comprehend the human civilization's progress and its algorithm

Today whom they are burying

The day is not very far when they would get any scope for crying

When majority will bury them with ecstatic vengeance

None could extract from excavating their residual skeleton in future for any reference

What was their regime and when they reign

To substantiate their supremacy and their esoteric claim!

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams

7 months ago #4

Love your poems as always Debasish Majumder

John Rylance

7 months ago #3

Great thoughts Debasish. Particularly the line. Poor majority becoming the worst victims to nature's fury. As true now as in the past, in the meantime Nations must focus on making it less so.

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #2

Green verses with impact nice :-)

Debasish Majumder

7 months ago #1

Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR

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