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Eagle, Vulture and Kite

They all fly in extreme height

Still they can focus their prey

To satiate their appetite in gay

They do depend on carcass

On plane surface living beings serve their focus

Dead bodies are their source for subsistence

At least they don't crave for surplus to avoid their fast

What a grand surveillance from top they enjoy in ruckus!

In Earth's plane

Humans are sharing their food with an amazing train

With stray dogs, not having any hesitation and neither desirous to refrain

They both need to satisfy their stomach

Compromising with the available situation

Where they have no choice but appear in stark!

We human can envisage alone

Birds eye or our eye

Which is supreme, which is prime

Which can evaluate the crisis irrespective of any echelon

Eyes too need food

Though Cornea having no blood vessels but continuously serving us in gratitude

It exists out of our physical structure

Without which it has no such gravity and could align our faculty in rapture!

We majority are starving in the present global scenario

Though we contribute our labor to construct all available beauty

We religiously maintained our duty

Cities and Towns are dazzling for our sincere rendering of labor since eternity!

Alas! We are subjected to naked repression

Abrupt lock down made our life miserable, nobody is heeding to our deplorable situation

Few at the top are craving

We should be quarantined or imprisoned for an infinite regime

Without any provision to heal

We will perhaps soon die

We wonder who will construe a platform for us to sigh

How long we will be subjected to few eccentrics vendetta

Profit seeking few megalomaniacs matrix how long embroil our souls with such anathema!


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Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #7

Debasish Majumder Your words flow out like wind in a kite And of the things your eyes catch during flight ;~) We majority are starving in the present global scenario ... starving for what is my wonder ... We should be quarantined or imprisoned for an infinite regime Without any provision to heal
It's a 100-year plan--halfway there.

Ali Anani

2 years ago #5

Great poem and the first lines are super dear Debasish Majumder I find that short-worded lyrics is your real gift. You are an outstanding poet my friend.

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #4

There is a genre of poetry called dark side poetry, but I think you have out-darked the dark here ☻😊☻

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #3

''Eagle, Vulture and Kite'' that's quite an impressive first verse !!!

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