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Interaction, attachment or engagement in social media eventually engender a bonding, primarily designed from exchange, and this exchange is also based on gratitude, and complementing each other. Citing preoccupation is synonymous to disengagement. It is a clear apathy, while we ignore others interactions and thus we may claim we are being followed by many and having constraints to respond many. Does not it suggest our frame of mind, how self-centered we are and how we ignore people who adore us and made us cult out of their sincere fervor? Really, our attitude towards many manifests how non-impulsive we are and how incompetent we are in the domain of social networking site.

We human beings are being crafted with unique neurological mechanism where our pituitary glands right at the bottom of hypothalamus plays a predominant role to determine our attitudes as well behavioral pattern. The secretion of our endocrine glands having a lot of say, regarding our attributes in terms of our behavioral patterns. Now, the question is how we may react to social networking site and how endocrine glands regulate us, determining our attributes in terms of interacting with people in the social networking sites.

In accordance to my observation and understanding, I guess, our social structure and in what state in the society we are dwelling with, plays the key role about our affiliation and attachment with the social networking site we are accustomed with. More the superior we are in terms of our social status, more we behave arrogantly in the social networking site, resulting us to enjoy the supremacy of our social status.

Virtually, we reflect about the social anomaly prevailing in the ambiance we are dwelling with and such discrimination only yield our arrogance and overbearing attitudes, devoid of any empathy as well serious tone alignment with the connections in the social networking site we are enjoying with. Thus, a negative impact we engender, making the social networking site an insignificant tool, rather a tool to manifest our arrogance and supremacy in the milieu we are dwelling with.

We human beings are having the potentials to make unification within our fraternity to usher overall development to the mankind. If we are truly focused about our intention, we can make a sea change by virtue of social networking site, bringing harmony and peace in the global milieu.

But unfortunately, majority in the social networking site interact with vested interests of their own, resulting it a site to satiate their own caprice. As a result, the social networking site has become a social disruption site and garnered infamy across the world out of its undesirable malice. People are nowadays shunning social networking site, as it has causing a lot of uncomfortable gesture and they are becoming disgusted with it. Instead of a tool of people’s convenience, this social networking site has become a tool of distress and inconvenience. Unfortunately people grossly lack the sense of etiquette of how to deal with social networking site and making it infamous out of their indecent approach. Truly, we human being only having the potential to transform boon into bane out of our wicked intention, not caring how palatably we are beckoning our own jeopardy!

“Everyone is gifted - but some
people never open their package!”


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David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #7

Thank you for this profoundly important blogging buzz, Debasish. You make many powerful points worthy of serious consideration. I would note that I've always been impressed by your exemplary social media etiquette and proactive social engagement. Thanks for all YOU do, kind sir!

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #6

This is another one of those posts that speaks volumes Debasish Majumder...The internet is a very powerful tool of influence...but if you behave like a 'tool' are less likely to attract any meaningful engagement...That said...some people like the piranha pool...That's cool if you don't mind being eaten alive;-)

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

4 years ago #5

I don't think SM make people rude or arrogant. They merely expose the fact, since people tend to be more reckless when behind a computer / smartphone screen, on their own. Also, just like the Internet can be used for both positive and negative things, so can SM, which are an application of this technology.
Social media is what you make it, and like Randall Burns.

Randall Burns

4 years ago #3

Interesting post Debasish Majumder with some very interesting and valid points. I always take interactions on social media with "a grain of salt", to me it is slightly removed from reality in that we can never be 100% sure of the sincerity of the people we are interacting with. Some people may even act out differently on media than in "reality", and some people now may even feel that "social media" is more real than "reality". As with anything there are the positive and negative aspects associated with anything, I like to think that i see and interact on the positive side with social media and if someone is acting out negatively, bullying, ignorant, etc. on social media, well that's their problem, I'm completely removed from it. Thought provoking post, it's still generating responses in me.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Lance \ud83d\udc1d Scoular

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