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Online Ordering System For Restaurants

 It has been said that Growth and Comfort don’t coexist. But technology has changed countless mindsets in its own way. Digitization is the backbone of technology. But it is considered secondary when it comes to usage. Most of the people are having trouble in adapting digitization. I would say that everything has its pros and cons, not considering pros doesn’t justify things. Curiosity is in the nature of human beings. It leads to unexpected discoveries. In order to be able to make complete use out of life, one should have dynamic mindset.

Digitization has come a long way. From the very beginning, it has left us astonished with its existence. Digitization has shown another wonder by channelizing Online Ordering System for Restaurants.

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Online Ordering System for Restaurants means ordering online even while sitting in restaurant. It has been developed to make comforted growth possible. With online ordering system, the need to wait for waiter to come and take your order has been dealt. During this time of pandemic, cleanliness and distance is the ultimate responsibility of every individual. This online ordering system for restaurants has made it possible for restaurants to start serving again.

Keeping in mind the need of the hour, DIGIMENU – online ordering website for restaurants, was created. DIGIMENU is a website for digital menus. Various food and beverages businesses have digitized their menus and have started functioning again.



Contactless table Ordering

Walk in -> Scan QR -> Place order -> Enjoy your meal. Online ordering system for restaurants is the way of living digitized life. Without having to wait or touch or rush, enjoy your favorite food in the ambience of mesmerizing restaurants.

It is now possible to serve with no contact. Get your QR code developed with and serve your customers without any rush. Place your QR codes developed by DIGIMENU on each table of your restaurant. Customers will come and scan the code with any application or even google lens. Scanning will directly take the customer to your digitized menu. They will be able to place order from digital menu about which you will be informed immediately. This is a complete contactless dining experience.

Restaurant Contactless Payment

Contactless payment comes along with contactless dining. To have a complete contactless dine in experience it is essential to make online payments available. After selecting your items from digital menu, you are directed to a page where you have to fill in your details and make payment online. Google pay, Paytm, Razor pay, Lazy pay, pay pal, Amazon pay, Phone pay these are the various platforms from which you can make online payments.

accepts all the payment options, making sure not let any obstacle come in between you and your food.

Online ordering system is not only for a contactless safe dining experience. It helps you build your marketing stage as well. Online payments enable you to access details of a customer like name, phone number. You can use these details to increase your sales. You can express your gratitude to your customers for choosing you. You can send them updates about your offers. You can let them know about the additional item in your menu and tempt them to try it. You can inform them about new offers or exciting discounts or gift vouchers provided by your business.

You can customize your menu items according to the preferences of your customer. You can build a healthy relationship with your customers by getting to know their choices through online ordering system.

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