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What is Saraup online business app? 

SaraUp is Indias largest B2B platform which connects millions of users with verified buyers and carry out transaction directly. It helps vendor and manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition with a full store dedicated to your products- no coding or design skills necessary. The company’s Moto to make it simple to conduct business for businessman’s who wanted to bring their business online, and doesn’t know how to do that and what is the best way to take their business online. This app aims to provide a platform for small and medium businesses, major businesses, and people. The process of signing up is very simple every person can signup easily, and dashboard for the sellers is quite easy to operate. They can check their orders, they will get the notification for any type of messages, and there are lots of features available for both sellers as well as suppliers to ease their work.

On Saraup business app we can upload our products easily till a limit after that this app has some plans for uploading extra products. 

What are the benefits for saraup business app for buyers?

Directly you can contact suppliers through chats regarding any type of issue related to product, colour, type and etc. Without any mediator between them, they can directly contact to manufacturer or vendor through chat option attached on product page. Buyers can buy anything, it contains everything from home essentials to mechanical equipment’s in a affordable price from other companies. Even you can check the price and quality of product between various options on same platforms.


Benefits for sellers:

Accessible from anywhere in the India, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even they can operate dashboard from there mobile as well. It gives possibility to run your business from anywhere in the India. 

By registering your business with Saraup, you will be able to directly generate leads from all around India. Saraup allows you to receive business inquiries from buyers who are interested in your product. You'll also have accessibility to the Saraup seller dashboard, which makes it simple to grow your business on Saraup. Saraup business app increase you clientile throughout India. 


Security and Privacy:

Data encryption, Networking over a virtual private network, Saraup secure your chat with buyers to seller, It secures your payment transactions, as well as it has a trusted sellers. 


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