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Online Shopping Trend in India, Online Shopping | Ganars

As the internet in India become more affordable and more accessible, it opened up a market where people could buy their electronics, mobile phones, groceries and even medicines and vegetables online. Moreover, online shopping portals made life easy for people who were far away from the city center and those working professionals who were too busy to go to the market.


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online shoping opened up a whole new market of products and services and made it all accessible to the consumers. Online portals like eBay, which marked the emergence of online shopping in the early 2000s, made it possible for consumers to buy the products and sell their products.

With the Covid-19, consumers are still reluctant to go to physical stores and customers even from small towns are opting for online shopping; this increases the online shopping habit of consumers even in small towns.


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With this shift of mindset of buying goods online, the online shopping industry is bound to increase. The current ongoing trend of online shopping in India shows that young customers will change the path of e-commerce.

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