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Human world is presently facing a pandemic

A virus becoming virulent by its inherent technique

Causing a mass hysteria in emphatic

Social distancing now becoming a clarion call

But social networking sites becoming the only resort to soothe us after all!

We are acquiring various information

Which only fomenting this pandemic episode with grand appreciation

Forgetting humans are social being

Pandemonium can only usher their own ruin and rhythm

Aiming to crush the existing social edifice

Few might eyeing profit to suffice

Not knowing the tsunami they are beckoning for entirety to jeopardize

They too be obliterated by the deluge

Where hardly they can afford any haven for recluse!

No leadership will virtually work

Ultimately we cannot rule out it is the collective design

Which can alone work to align

The only effective tool to work

To dispel the inauspicious cloud hovering on us which is sheer dark.

I wonder how imbecile we are

Intimidating ordinary people about the scourge of disease and its imminent scar

Putting onus on mass

Telling them to maintain hygiene in chorus

As if the mass is only responsible

Because they can only be gullible

They are only subjected to all disaster

Why not they should be quarantined for their misdemeanor?

After all few need to make profit out of them

Despite their labor is the source of all opulence

But they need to face all mayhem

Our beautiful world can only be safe

If majority could be persecuted for their unrestrained claim

They only causing turbulence to few's peaceful domain

They should be forced to pay the indemnity for their insensitive frame

Alas! We hardly can envisage nature's rage

Fighting against it cannot be our insensible ploy with pernicious trait!


I am angry, I am worried

For such socially engineered ruckus and crisis

People are dying regularly in an astronomical figure

Owing to pollution related diseases only to eclipse the reality to disfigure

Who cares for those souls untimely demise?

None to make any parlance, none to offer any tribute for their excellence!

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #8

Debasish Majumder So many good lines ... the emotion is contagious Debasish As I said earlier responding to Kevin Baker ... PANIC is the real pandemic being produced here ... In weeks? ... months? will we look back & say "I survived the corona ... but am now facing a another great depression" In truth: People ARE dying regularly in astronomical figures Owing to pollution ... related diseases ... Who cares for those souls untimely demise? How many people die from heart disease ... cancer ... diabetes ... HIV ... poverty? Stay well my bee-friends ;~)

Cyndi wilkins

1 year ago #7

Entertaining the energy of fear guarantees we will continue living in it...Break that chain of thought with joyful noise and remember we are all 'timeless' in spirit...Godspeed;-) Nice buzz Debasish Majumder...Share the love!

humans faced with a huge challenge and then there is Debasish Majumder with his own unique way to let us reflect a little bit deeper, thank you

It is sad and at the same time as with all things in life it also brings the best out of humans thank you Debasish Majumder for your insights

Lyon Brave

1 year ago #4

It is having some weird responses for sure. I think it's this way because they are preparing for something worse.

Graham🐝 Edwards

1 year ago #3

viruses are very good at what they do... the data says Covid 19 may be twice as infectious as Influenza and 10 to 20 times more deadly; Very serious to be sure — stopping the transition is key!... Social distancing and an obsession with washing your hands and not touching your face. Be safe everyone an stay healthy!

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