Debasish Majumder

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Nature is our only creator

Surprisingly we tend to fight against nature

Since time immemorial PARAMOUNTCY OF NATURE!094df0e0.jpg

We don't know how long we are fighting for our survival

Nature teaches us to thrive

It alone pave us to exist with hype!

Human brain is supreme out of all creatures

It alone can emphatically declare its supremacy and paramountcy in rapture

It is the human brain

Capable to domesticate all animals and train

Force them to facilitate for human's growth

Its amazing frequency is the only key for human civilization to accelerate and broach!

Human brain is an enigma

How it manifests wit sublimation is entirely its charisma

I simply marooned by its inherent disposition

Which eventually emerge as true champion!

Creative ideas are products of human brains

I wonder how an external condition can force it to produce and reign

In what temperature and pressure 

A brain can expose with its grand rendition for humanity's composure

How human civilization get its momentum

By virtue of ideas it explores at random!

Human society is a craft work of nature

Where ideas play a crucial role with glaring exposure with flair

To make a synchronicity with grand episode

Ideas too a reflection being produced by nature with 

Thus nature navigate and dictate us in her undulating terrain

Our inherent nature too act as an impediment to fight against her with an ephemeral claim

It is nature which ultimately emerge as victorious

Contradiction with nature only ensure our entity with ruckus!

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Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #7

Debasish Majumder Debasish~ Reading your words here makes me think you will appreciate something I posted the same day as this post on nature: The Fractal State of Humanity & the "hidden forces" at work: FOR you & against you ~Fay

Louise Smith

2 years ago #6

There's still so much we technological geniuses still don't know about how the human brain works Thanks Debasish Majumder !

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #5

Mother nature is one to nurture :-)

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #4

Debasish, Truly an enigma. And so it goes.

Debasish Majumder- I enjoyed reading your poem and in particular" "In what temperature and pressure A brain can expose with its grand rendition for humanity's composure How human civilization get its momentum By virtue of ideas it explores at random!" I am amazed because my next buzz will be about nature and I find your poem in line with my thoughts. Congrats.

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