Debasish Majumder

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PATH, WE FORCED TO SEARCH!The path being less chosen

Triggers many to ponder

Why it has been discarded?

Why majority opted the path largely being trodden?

Is it the lesser

Whom we love to level as loser

To celebrate in ecstasy

Endorsing majority as sensible out of our own fancy?

My only concern about the path

Which enable me to trod with abrupt search

I wonder the faith which induce many to to explore

No longer trigger me to implore

As I already align with many to trod

Making a choice of my own aligning with many to enjoy my tentative episode!

Is it the path which make huge appeal to our cerebral

The reflection we receive to make huge carnival?

But I wonder the path we lesser trodden

Are they designed only to bemuse us for not being largely chosen?

We know that if water being heated

Certain molecules will depart in gaseous state

Will we consider those molecules

Their fate being destined to enjoy such minuscule?

Capricious nature having no intention to cause harm to any creature

But out of its proclivity, which is its usual behavior

Myriad obliterate within a wink of an eye

How will we guess, why and with whom to vie?

It is the nature which actually dictate and dominate

We have no choice apart from following its design to imitate and reciprocate

Is n't it the nature which alone appeal

We are forced to accept many, due to our cerebral, try our best for many to repeal

It is our continuous process to fight against nature

To make amenable our milieu with ecstatic gesture

Still we cannot rule out we need miles to go

To force nature docile in terms of our intellectual flow!

Still I love to stick to my opted path

Though it appears in dissect, but I chose to enjoy my exploring touch

At least I need to survive

I cannot indulge to suspend myself in a trough

For unknown to devour to script my obituary graph

Moving is the only process to ensure change, the only constant

Human civilization alone accelerates to serve mankind to a large extent.

My only request to the modern intelligentsia

Please don't confuse mass to be hooked with paranoia

They might consider as an axiom to follow

Just to invite a doomsday by accepting your view which is sheer hollow

Few eccentric will soon exercise their tyranny

Only to resort to a means to avoid their own crisis with cacophony

But I do have a faith on a crisis point

Which only enable to form a new matter in new fold in exuberant!

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John Rylance

1 year ago #9

I often find the path less traveled contains the same if not more discoveries, and is a quieter more relaxing way to enjoy them at ones leisure. 

A journey that is filled with discovey and variety dear Debasish Majumder

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #7

Path , crossroads long live the journey

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

1 year ago #6

As people say, 'majority is not an evidence'. So, the path more traveled doesn't mean that's the pathway to success. Perhaps, people of deep conscience may opt a path that's less traveled by others. Let's be what we feel, and not feel the way others feel

"Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason." - Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #4

Debasish, I was having a perfectly non-thinking kicked-back morning and you forced the little grey cells to consider another path. Thank you, I think. And so it goes.

Lisa Vanderburg

1 year ago #3

Wonderful meanderings Debasish Majumder...I hope you continue to walk your opted path!

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #2

Jerry Fletcher

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