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When I was walking sullenly

I came across a man suddenly

Asking me, “Who are you?”

I felt utterly in bizarre state for his temerity

Not knowing why he intend to ingratiate with me devoid of humility

As if I am a queer object being reflected in his inquisitive eye

I felt uncomfortable for his adamant cry

I replied, “I am a poet”

He gazed at me in a bewildered state

As if I am an amazing creature with my apparent physical state

Then he asked, “What you write?”

I replied, “I love to express in words by capturing the nature’s reflection with delight.”

He then retorted, “Don’t you think human are only supreme creature with their phenomenal integrity?”

I answered, "I only capable to observe nature only draws unique design on her floor intriguingly

Where cells of all creatures grow out of the cells nucleus caprice by complementing centrosome

It is truly a wonder how it works at random

I am engulfed with sheer amuse

From unicellular to multi cellular, how it evolves to cause sheer deluge

But in nature’s floor

All cells make a distinction with huge uproar

I feel absolutely nonplussed

Right from fish to reptiles and mammals

From trees to birds, bees and myriad animal

Making a lovely hue in nature’s floor with a grand carnival!


But I replied with modesty

“Listen dear, I am just capturing the reflection I receive delectably

Out of the sensory organs I am endowed by nature’s configured device

I do possess eyes like fish, birds and reptiles

But my heart works with distinction to ensure my growth, existence and my vibes

Unlike other creatures in nature’s floor

I can translate my reflections in galore

People calls my interpretations as poetry

I feel contented by their admiration with sheer joviality

Christening poet they uphold with their ecstasy and unrestrained zest

I only express my adoration for their delectable adulation with my behest.”


Then the stranger amazingly express his abhorrence with sigh

“Poets are senseless to me, but their optimism are always high

They try to decipher out of their unique cerebral

I only experience how they promote huge brawl

Welcoming ruckus in our available milieu

But their deft style amazed us only with their to produce magnificent unique hue

Their visions beyond our spectrum make them an axion for us to praise them with respectable clue!”

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #2

@Debasish Majumder 

You are indeed “a poet” .. one who does "express in words by capturing the nature’s reflection with delight.”

Much loved by flocks of people & the "bees" 

I share your sweet “amazement” 🍯🍯

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