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Poj Furniture

POJ Furniture Designer Bedroom Set


The bedroom in the house is not only for making gold or for wardrobes. The bedroom is your place to relax and relax. This room should be favored and match your mood. We are telling you some basic tips here that will help you make your bedroom pleasant and comfortable.Bedroom should be comfortable, simple and impressive. Keep a slight difference between side tables or drawers and beds of beds. If you want a table, put a family photo, candle or fresh flowers on that table, so that you are lively in your room. Keep the side table not only small things, but keep things at a minimum and keep it neatly.


bedroom set


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Do not choose very bright shades for the bedroom. Light shades of blue, green and lavender will give you a sense of coolness and comfort. You can also experiment with monochrome colors. If you want to comfort and comfort in the room, then decorate the walls of the room with the jewels towel.

bedroom set


Understand the bedroom, by name itself, how many beds are worth in this room. Choose the design of the bed by doing well research. Choose a matra that can relax your back and they are not too soft or too tight. Do not compromise with the quality of Mattress.



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The bedroom is your private corner, so here you can experiment freely with the things and colors of your choice. Since the majority of the bedroom goes into the bed, so keep the color of the color while choosing a bed sheet. Choose a bed sheet that matches the light ambrodyry or room colors. If your room is small, do not choose large printed bedsheets. If you like light-colored plain bed sheets, decorate the room with pillows of different sizes, shapes and colors.





Place beds and wardrobes primarily in the bedroom. If there is room, then keep a side table, dressing table or study table, but do not fill the room with all things and do not make too much big or fluffy furniture. If the dressing table is not in place, then take a mirror on the door of the wardrobe and prepare your own unique dressing table by placing a small wax or puff in front of it.Place a table in front of the corner of the room or beside the bed to keep the chair and legs. Because the bedroom is the place where you would like to fly in your book or fly your thoughts with ease.

bedroom set


SINGLE LIGHTS, POP LIGHTS is not enough for the bedroom and nowadays it has become commonplace too. Fill the room with medium light with the help of accent and focus lighting. A romantic look of the bedroom is also important, so do not use too fast or just white lights. Choose Yellow Lights and Dim Lights instead.



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