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Press That Restart Button;Then Start Going About Your Life As Usual!

Press That Restart Button;Then Start Going About Your Life As Usual!

# {Note: "Mind always tries to get back to bad memories and people associated with that whenever possible"...Tells my friend from our community of bloggers and publishers who also happened to be a subject expert in this .So ...What they do in their profession to help heal people if they were hurt and getting depressed by the irresponsible act of others causing harm and damage to health?There is no one single solution but he outlines certain guidelines!Most of the time what they do amounts to trying to train those in distress to align their mind with more positive thoughts. Idea is to create more and more such positive thoughts and actions and focusing on those points.Though this may sound the easiest option but in reality it is not so:(( According to him these could be as simple as associating with charity, directly helping someone in distress or contributing to a cause or even expressing gratitude.Going to a new location with your loved ones and taking up some new hobbies and focusing more on things you are more passionate about also helps in healing...The basic idea is one need to be internally very strong when you are forced to encounter such people and you need to make sure that you don't get into such situations again to safeguard your sanity! Please Don't allow anyone to put you down.YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!} #


Can the human mind be tuned in such a manner so that we are able to take out those painful and miserable feelings?… And dump all those into an imaginary area in our mind ?(Somewhere on the back of the mind which is not an active area!) Can we all get freedom from unwanted painful and depressing thoughts and difficult behavior of others?

Is it possible? More importantly.. How can we truly experience peace in a peace-less situation?

…Well, I would have asked these questions to myself several times while going through a lot of turmoils in my life.(Got a trophy for this! in the year 2008 maybe! in the form of “left ventricular hypertrophy”(LVH))

Sincerely wish! one day somebody would invent a mechanism equivalent to the recycle bin in our computer so that we are able to move unwanted and painful thoughts at the back of the mind and go ahead with life.

Staying away from stressful people & situations in order to find solace and experience peace and tranquility is something everyone yearns.But this seldom happens!

Whatever you are trying to stay away from has the “power”! of getting back to you somehow. So you are naturally forced to adjust with those necessary evils and the likes from which otherwise you would have wanted to be away.

Several years back when I was going through a lot of stress in my life, I wrote in my scrapbook “My deep faith in me is the only truth which will allow me to survive & I will come out of this also despite some! unknowingly failing me or putting me down.” Once I wrote this and started reading this every morning before I set out for my work I had a lot of inner confidence.I reminded myself every day of the adage “You are stronger than you think.” And I did it repeatedly as if to reassure me.

Later when I looked back at the whole episode I realized that what I did was,Primarily I learnt to accept the unpleasant fact that there will be issues and nothing is going to be smooth . At the same time I have assured myself that my faith will pull me up,and that generated a lot of enthusiasm.So irrespective of what was going around I could come out of that situation and move ahead in life.

“Faith could move the mountains” no doubt whatever be the Faith, It all amounts to the same result and let me add at this point; I respect all faiths as ultimately all leads to one truth. I admit that the situations could be different and could be even more complex with many of you, But that faith will be the single most powerful engine which will pull you through.

By developing a strong inner conviction one will be able to generate deep faith and transform it into confidence resulting in experiencing peace in situations irrespective of whatever background one comes from and what kind of turmoil one is in;and experience peace in the middle of chaos and “Truly” so by all means!

I also learnt during those periods of struggle in my life to look at those little things which made me happy. I realized that during my child-hood I used to scribble my thoughts and that used to bring in a lot of relief in adverse situations.This made my life easier.

Maybe we could be more at ease by ignoring those things that remain unresolved in our heart.Is it possible to have a controllable, predictable life for one? Maybe it is an illusion? Well, Nothing stays the same forever including those feelings of having got hurt. Time heals and heal it should! Keeping all those things in the chest and moving around as if nothing has happened is not an easy task. But then life is all about also our resilience to adjust to the adversities.

So I keep repeating this wonderful words of wisdom every day “I am thankful for the difficult people in my life, they taught me what I don’t want to be in life.”Our mind goes running behind “obsessing” about the big things we can’t do forget those little pleasures we have within our reach.

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.

How would it be to lead a life where you forget all the problems of the past and get ahead in life with the simple press of a restart button and start going about your life as if nothing has happened?!

#First and foremost …Learn to keep unyielding distance from negativity and those inflicting pain and negativity..This is a trial and error process!

# Practicing to accept the uncertainties of life….

After going through several struggles in my life,I realized that “Elements of uncertainty should motivate us to practice acceptance in our lives!”

#When you feel that justice is denied to you don’t lose hope and faith.In the period 2004 to 2008 , I have to deal with such a situation.That disturbed me a lot.But thanks to those who gave me courage to “survive” I sort of came out of that and managed to tell the tale:((

#Think in a little unconventional manner and instead of expecting the worst assure yourself that you can handle any difficulties that might come.I like this wonderful thought.”When all hell is breaking loose around you,Yet you remain CALM and Confident,You’re experiencing the peace that transcends all understanding.”

So what is Peace?…#.It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.The #best advice? “Peace is to be found only within…!”

Embrace the adventure of living!…..Forget the bad, and focus on the good .Move ahead with your life as someone would have turned the restart button for you to start all fresh! by not giving rent free space in your mind for those who would have hurt your feelings and made life miserable for you.

{Note:  Few days back met an old friend of mine..He has been a very successful professional(By all yardsticks). He excelled in all that he did and earned a name for himself professionally. But challenges came in some other form for him, unannounced and initially "disguised". He was forced to work around "uncertainties" and difficult challenges in his own personal life. While he was hesitant to take support from those who should have supported him without being asked for as those were joint responsibilities, his own health started deteriorating with various stress related ailments resulting in more health issues.
This article is dedicated to all such friends who silently take up things and suffer because they are not "street smart" like others! Very sad to see people suffering like that}

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