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QuickBooks Hosting, Hosted QuickBooks, QB Cloud Server




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Qb Cloud Server provides custom-made QuickBooks cloud solutions to accountants, CPAs, and Small business owners across the globe. With us, get access to highly secure, scalable, and reliable cloud platforms to host your preferred desktop version of QuickBooks. Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, We fully understand your hosting needs and provide the highest level of security, convenience, authenticity, affordability, mobility, and accessibility. Our cloud-based services are fast, secure, and reliable.

Benefits of Qb Cloud Server :

  1. Work Flexibility– Remove the boundaries of working only in the workplace and start working from anywhere and anytime. QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to access all your business files, documents, data, and software from any device that has an internet connection, Our services are compatible with different platforms and operating systems and as well as with specific add-ons.
  2. Safety and security: We have SAS70 certified data centers to provide 99.9% uptime and safety and security. Your data will be safe with us in case of hacking situations or any disasters.
  3. Printing and scanning: our customers can use their local resources to print and scan directly from their hosting platform. With our complete printing and scanning solutions, customers can print their monthly invoices or data of previous months and so on.
  4. 24/7 technical support: Our support team is composed of highly qualified cloud hosting experts and knowledgeable experts who have a wealth of knowledge and can answer your questions and concerns in a user-friendly way. And most importantly, you could reach us at any time, we are live 24*7 365 days a year to solve all your queries.
  5. Scalability with Resources: Hosting application platforms can be well extended to fully meet customer needs. Provides useful online storage resources for all users to ensure efficient services As per your requirement, you can increase or decrease the capacity and the value of your business or accounting firms at any time.

Data Recovery  :

 We help small and medium enterprises make full use of computer technology in the cloud to provide simple, free, and flexible accounting practices Data Recovery- If unfortunately, you lose your business data or files due to external factors like human intervention or natural disasters; data recovery from traditional hardware can be intensive, time-consuming and inefficient. In contradiction, cloud technology enables you to automatically backup all your data and files on the cloud from where you can retain the copies anytime.

Qb Cloud Server pricing:

We offer Straightforward and Transparent and the cheapest QuickBooks hosting pricing, starting from $25 per user per month. We also offer 65 Days Free Trial with all type of Quickbooks Version Qb Cloud Server offer 200+ App Integration for Hosted QuickBooks for

Pricing for Quickbooks hosting goes as $25 per user month.

Pricing for dedicated server goes as:

  • $52 for 2 users that is, billed monthly.
  • $70 for 3 users that is, billed monthly.
  • $120 for 5 users that is, billed monthly.
  • Above all, we provide a 65-day free trial. So that our customers would first experience our services for free and connect with us.


  • QuickBooks Hosting
  • Peachtree
  • Quicken
  • Quickbooks Pro
  • Quickbooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise

Tax Hosting Services provided by us:

  • ATX Tax Hosting
  • ProSeries Tax Hosting
  • Drake Software Hosting
  • Lacerte Tax Hosting

We are expanding and operating our business in many areas. Our cloud hosting accounting solution provides flexible and convenient services. When we provide cloud-based accounting services, we guarantee high performance.

In addition, our services could help companies get rid of paperwork, that is to say, paper-based accounting. Access your cloud online system from any device anytime, anywhere. With the latest technology and functions, we have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our customer’s business operations.

Certainly, we believe that with our modern methods and services, bookkeeping will become easier and easier. With our production services, you can manage your accounts for multiple users anytime, anywhere. Multiple users can access security services hosted in the cloud. And provide it to customers.

To sum up, Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal if you have any queries,

Call our sales team now to learn more about our services.


Or Mail us at: /

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