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Look up at the sky

Plenty of stars will emerge in your spectrum to make sigh

You have lost numerous endearing lives

Whose breathe still you feel as well their vibe!

They have resorted to sky

Your belief religiously triggers you to shed tears with excruciating cry

Though they will never emerge in your vicinity

The realm they crafted will ever deter you not to align or have any affinity?

Will you ever able to nullify their entity?

They alone perhaps ensure your existence with serendipity

Thus past always propound on us

How can we shrug its legitimate onus?

It is the path they only shown

We explore and exploit its grand echelon

Yet I wonder how imbecile we are

After our demise we still crave for a memoir?

We are enamored with oceans and seas

The depths they possess are an enigma we intrigued

Underneath its surface

A bloody turmoil always prevail with hidden face

From the apparent view

We only enamored by its hue!

We hold a common belief at length

Seas return all what we bequeath

But when a life being taken away

In return we get only corpse in dismay

Who will douse our flame of pain?

Those only burn us as long our life claim!

I wonder whether water too possesses memory

Human body comprised mostly of water, the only catharsis to glory

Water alone is the insignia of life on Earth

Absence of which only bring life to dearth!


Change is the only constant we experience in galore

Time with its incessant waves foment us to explore

We equally never able to reclaim

Dynasties which washed away in due time in mayhem

Always there is a new synthesis which induce the world history to accelerate

Who dare to role the wheels of history to beckon mankind to decelerate?

What a grand way history progress

Continuum with a cry for humanity emphatically ingress.

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Beautiful as always

"Change is the only constant we experience in galore". So true!

John Rylance

3 years ago #6

Change is one way of ensuring things stay the same. Therefore change should remain a constant in our lives. We like all living things have evolved/changed to ensure we survive. Don't change, stagnate and you become at best a has-been, at worst extinct.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #5

Fame , attention, change , life everything is time bounded I don't think there is anything eternal....

Dear Debasish Majumder- you wrote: "Change is the only constant we experience in galore Time with its incessant waves foment us to explore" Isn't this what gives life a meaning? If we listen to the same song or story don't we get bored? Change wants agility, forward thinking, wonderment and is puzzling. Like moving water is safer than still water is for the latter will have mold growing in it. Change is movement and this is what makes life interesting. A lovely poem my friend.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

Lance \ud83d\udc1d Scoular

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Jerry Fletcher

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