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I am in utter quandary

What exactly is unity?

Is not it a relative terminology?

Just to escape from confronting any jeopardy?

Those who are having a lavish dinner

How far they are concern of killing numerous creatures

They consider it is poor creature’s destiny

To be server deliciously in their plate with legacy

They will inevitably behaved as a connoisseur

To devour voraciously and satiate their unrestrained desire!

Very often we observe in animal kingdom

Invasion of human civilization causing immense mess to their domain at random

They are in the verge of extinction for our inordinate whims

Still we brazenly express our euphoria to kill them without any qualms

We consume them and burp and behaved utterly oblivious to our performed mayhem

Forgetting their existing episode essentially pertinent in our Eco-system!

When we are experiencing our delicious dinner

Do we bother about majority of us who even cannot procure their supper?

There is no unity even in terms of our satiating appetite with majority

Unity is just a terminology which has no absolute resonance with masses proximity

Diversity and disharmony is being suppressed by few peoples cacophony

They are sadly at the apex

Never pondered there is no constant place for anybody to remain infinitely at the apex

Tilt is inevitable to unveil guilt

For few many are suffering inexplicable pain in a prolonged way of undesirable wilt!

I am afraid when there will be an upheaval

Majority may pounced on minority raucously and marvel

Greed cannot be a subject of few

It is extremely infectious and contaminates the available milieu

Discrimination, distinction and dichotomy

Only can breed huge disharmony!

You cannot restrict many and dictate their plate

What they will devour in what state

What will be others menu

What they will eat in what venue

The venom you intend to instill on others tongue and tastes

It will surely bite you one day on their behest

Not giving any chance for your surviving

What a catastrophic blow you are deliberately unknowingly beckoning!




By deciding majority’s food habit

You are eclipsing your habitat in rapid

Welcoming disaster not only you but for mankind

By virtue of uniting them for your status in abrupt decline

When they will expose their unity

Inclusiveness in appetite will devour you too with immense gravity

Without giving any opportunity to you to secure any safe space

This is how time and space will emerge champion with grace

Religion, creed and culture

Cannot be an analgesic anymore and mop you up in rapture

It is ultimate the humanity

Which is the majority’s call and only resort for many with due gravity!

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Ali Anani

3 years ago #5

Reading your thorough poem dear Debasish Majumder made me wonder for humans who commit crimes against animals and the environment with no power to send them to trial. Is this a big indicator of our chaotic lives that seem to delve more in chaos?

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #4

We seem to make alliances rather pledging unity most of the times, what seems friendly one day becomes an enemy the following one....

Bill Stankiewicz

3 years ago #3


Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Gert Scholtz

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