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Road To Kanha

Road To KanhaKanha is a National Park and popular at that. A large number of visitors from overseas and many states of India come here every year. The mode of transportation varies but many prefer taxi rides post flight or a train journey. Those on package tour hire taxi from one destination to another.

Taxi is a popular mode of transportation in India. Not to say there are many companies that hire vehicles of various types depending upon the customer needs. Big or small those who do not maintain quality in service fizzle out soon but after creating bad taste amongst the tourists. 

Kanha is well connected park with Jabalpur, Raipur and Nagpur by road. These places are also connected proper by Air and Rail. Hence tourists have  a wide choice how to reach this destination popular for its wildlife especially tigers.   The highways are safe and well maintained but at places ensuing damage and repairs may create problem but generally for few miles since the Governments are keen on building quality highways to network and for safer travel in India.    

Overseas visitors on a straight visit to the reserve generally fly down to Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, Raipur in Chhattisgarh and Nagpur in Maharashtra. While Jabalpur is connected by a shorter highway and you reach the destination in four hours or less. The latter two require five hours to reach. But all are good options and route chosen depends upon availability of flight and cost. 1a293d13.jpg

A drive to Kanha is an experience worth it what with amazing landscape and quaint hamlets all along. You will find humanity dwelling all along in absolute serenity and peace. The pace of life is relaxing and people are happy. The forests along the way offer an insight into the natural World you are planning to visit some distance away.    

While traveling to the park people also avail package tours generally in groups. This leads to many destinations including those popular for sightseeing. This is the best way of seeing India and knowing its culture and how people live in a diverse landscape. Although the drives are tiring nevertheless they are mentally invigorating thanks to the colorful experience that is India.  

luxury taxi services that ply to Kanha offer vehicle choice. Hence you can hire a SUV or a twenty seater traveler and for a couple small sedan will do. With experienced driver the journey is safe. Many drivers understand or speak broken English and are also comfortable with the local language which is a must. As a human gesture you should offer snacks and tea to the drivers to keep them alert on long journeys.  You can seek referral or red review for hiring the best or your tour operator will do the needful. 

Anyway well maintained vehicles for hire are relatively costly but they are worth the money.  Going is for cheap service would be riddled with problems and breakdowns so pay a little more. Always prefer taxi services with good reputation a little work would be required to dig in but that would lead to a better and safe experience. 

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