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Salt & Pepper Tiger Safari in India

The great game has began wildlife enthusiasts, filmmakers, photographers and holiday makers alike seek more than just tiger sighting they wish for a salt and pepper sprinkling to activate their taste buds in this case the safaris.  Like Indian cuisine the condiments enhance the experience of a safari holiday in India.

Salt & Pepper Tiger Safari in India

Ranthambore is the destination that can heighten your safari experience with frequent sightings and the big cats going after sambar in the water. This is exciting and action packed an almost theatrical experience if you ever come across one. Films have been made on these thrillers in the water bodies of the park. The next sequence could be the tussle between the crocodile and the tiger. As the events unfold you realize that this is the most thrilling moment of your life. Nevertheless the destination keeps you happy with frequent sightings of big cats namely the tiger and the leopard. There are ten zones to deliver the fun... choose one. 

The park is home to many other animals but the search for caracal and the wolf can be unmatched because of their rarity. Ranthambore is wild wild west of India with badlands supporting the wolf and caracal. The latter is a charismatic small cat with unique design, lyth and powerful. She catches birds in the mid air with one powerful leap. 

The sloth bear is no less a sight as it comes tumbling down towards a ball of wild fury it can tear a tiger apart with its powerful and sharp claws. It is a comical figure of delight whence you come across one with its turbulent gait and short strides it will definitely fascinate. It will transform you into the "Jungle Book Movie". 

76d8a3f4.jpgIt is a bear but for its slothy look it has been named as sloth bear, nevertheless see it rubbing its back against a tree, a sight you will never forget. Baloo!

Leopards too are a huge delight, when you come across this elusive beast. The are below the tiger in hierarchy but believe me second to none in strength, aggression and charisma. A rare sight and much difficult to see in the surroundings especially in the twilight...a daytime shot will be memorable.  


At Ranthambore on safari your amazement never comes to a stop. If nothing else a sight of python the huge constrictor will make your day. They can be massively long and extremely slow but then they can kill with their muscle laden pipe like bodies. Like all wild creatures big and small they are beautiful and not ugly as many people believe the snakes to be. This one is not venomous and feeds on small animals which it kills whence hidden in dense canopy unseen.    

tiger safari holiday you should enjoy the most. Plan well, pack your bags and leave to find out what is in store for you? 

*Sighting animals is often not easy and they just do not come across like in a zoo. The safaris are in wild jungles with animals free to move or hide anywhere. Sometimes things cannot go as expected.   

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Fay Vietmeier

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Uday Patel Glorious is God's creation '~) Interesting how this tiger is going along for the drive ... it appears he enjoys the company ;~)

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