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Schoolzpro:- School Management System

school erp


A school management system is one of the most important things for a school to have at this moment. When everything is moving online, you need to be up on your toes, spending less time on managing things and more on getting admissions and improving the infrastructure of the school. Until the last 4-5 years, schools had been following the decades old methods of managing everything on paper. Although it was effective but even the smallest mishaps led to huge data losses for schools. Besides the paper loss, the dependency on multiple individuals to get their job done without errors was a big challenge too. But, schools are now realizing the potential of technology within the premises. With a super efficient and multi-module ERP Software like Schoolzpro, schools now have the option to manage everything using a single software.

Like we mentioned, schools have been getting ERPs since the past 4-5 years but those ERPs only offer solutions to certain problems and schools still have to manage most things on their own. But not anymore, with the Schoolzpro School Erp software you can manage every event taking place in your school at your fingertips. Like our Online examination software we’ve designed this product after multiple inputs from different schools and how they manage routine. We have so much to tell you about it, but we’ll do that once we talk about it, for now let’s have a glimpse of the key features of Schoolzpro school management system.

1. Admission and Enrollments:

The most important thing for any school is admissions. The more the number of students, the more the goodwill. But admissions are not that simple are they? You have to collect a lot of data from the student, then assign a counselor or a class directly, then a house, a section, fees, etc. The admission module within this school management system automatically assigns all the above mentioned categories to students depending upon the details of the admission form. In future, you can pull up details of each admission and check everything from the student’s profile in one click.

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