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SEEDED IN SOLITUDE - by Devesh Bhatt

SEEDED IN SOLITUDE - by Devesh Bhatt

Just being in solitude,

I can be all me,

Not treated like a beast-to-be,

tamed by Society.

As a society,

We humans are like that,

With persistent conditioning,

Anyone can turn a rat.

Whether a rat in a race,

Or the one they call a snitch.

Such a rat is such a rat,

Why bother which from which.

Just being in solitude,

I have time to think,

Of subtle social dealings,

That bring us to our Brink.

As a society,

We鈥檝e mastered certain hacks,

To exploit mutual obedience,

And distort all the facts.

Intentions maybe good or bad,

The purpose is control,

But then again, there is always one,

Who figures out a loophole.

Just being in solitude,

I ponder patiently.

If ever time must slow down,

Then patience is the key.

As a society,

We merely offer desperation,

The runaround to stay ahead,

A sorry situation.

And if success is at the mercy,

Of a social certification.

Eventually it鈥檚 a loss of time,

With no justification.

Now one might think society,

Is the enemy of good,

If one foster鈥檚 hatred,

I鈥檒l be misunderstood.

Society is evolving,

Although right now it's crude,

A time will come for humanity,

Seeded in Solitude.

Just being in Solitude,

Is possible in company,

Solitude is in my head,

Where I can be all me.

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Devesh 馃悵 Bhatt

4 years ago #10

have you ever wondered, there are strange ways in which writers can inspire a chain of thought and that you are someone who gets people thinking beyond the proverbial BS. People like me, who amy enjoy solitude but need to be reminded of the basics. Thank you very much for stopping by, the words of appreciation and the shares. Cheers.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #9

Devesh, to be truly a poet is a calling. Those of us who dabble in verse and doggerel, salute and thank you for your words. Cheers!

Devesh 馃悵 Bhatt

4 years ago #8

glad you are glad

Devesh 馃悵 Bhatt

4 years ago #7

nice perspective. Thanks

L眉iz Enrique

4 years ago #6

Devesh being Devesh ... I heard about it, Solitude has connection with the sun. The Sun is "Alone" in the center of the system, but it always shares its light with the others. Wen a person stay in that state she or he is in not alone but in solitude. Great words bro. By the way Solitude It's spelled the same way in Portuguese I see it now, I lookfor the translator and I did not find Lol thanks bro!

Paul Walters

4 years ago #5

Devesh \ud83d\udc1d Bhatt many thanks

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #4

Wonderful Devesh \ud83d\udc1d Bhatt, there is nothing like solitude at times. We can recharge and find solace.

Jim Murray

4 years ago #3

Very nice.

Devesh 馃悵 Bhatt

5 years ago #2

I had to take a walk, look around and feel lucky. Thanks for the reminder.

Lyon Brave

5 years ago #1

I read a lot of poetry. You are actually very talented.

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