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Smart Class Online

Learning[is not]

the product of teaching.
Learning is the

product of the

-John Holt






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Digital Classroom | Smart Classroom - AP & TS and CBSE Syllabus

Smart Class Online learning at home – Make your child smart and intelligent All the parents are concern about quality education in modern time. In olden days students had sent to Gurukul to take education (Siksha). People’s lifestyle changed day by day. Than people modernize the education system from Gurukul to Schools and Coaching Classes. New era arises with the development of technology and the internet. Now it is the era of school solutions software integrated with online, digital class board.

In a classroom environment, teachers use blackboard and some experiments. It will not work nowadays. Teachers prefer the digital class board to implement the ideas created by providers. Online class environments become immersive—learning happens on walls, desks, tables, and conversations. The interactive surfaces become shared perceptual spaces where students discuss meaning and clarity and come to a collective understanding. It helps to construct knowledge in a deeper way.

Smart ClassroomsPBigital Teacher

Smart Classroom
English Language Lab

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When you are in an environment with touch screens dedicated to creating opportunities for shared perceptual meaning, you can dig down and construct knowledge in a deeper way. All the renowned schools are using this concept for teaching called driven by school solutions software.

Smart class, modernize method of education prepares students with excellent skills by concept clearing, improved , concept elaboration and the better understanding of concept with academic achievement. Well designed content with audiovisual effects helps students to visualize concepts better than a static image through school solutions software.

Online smart class is the space on the internet shared with many students. Smart Class online gives many facilities such as 3D animation video, PDF files, , screen recording option, video conferencing, auto-save options, and PPTs. It makes learning enjoyable for students with creativity and visualization. According to surveys growth of online smart class is increasing day by day and learning through audiovisual content crafted by digital content providers makes students to do homework easily.

Smart Class Online requires minimum hardware and no software installation, easy maintenance with online support.


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