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Sodium Dichromate Market Qualitative Analysis of the Leading Players 2021

Based on the types, the sodium dichromate market has been further classified based on geography, application and consumption capability. On the basis of the product application, the industry is bifurcated taking into consideration those in demand and are an outcome of technology advancement. Region-wise, the performance of the industry along with the prominent vendors operating in the geography also illuminates stakeholders, business owners, and field marketing, executives.  The different facets of the business based on parameters including new launches, acquisition and mergers and new entrants are discussed extensively during the study.

The global sodium dichromate market is projected to be worth USD 1,242.4 Million by 2027, according to a current analysis by Emergen Research. The sodium dichromate market is observing high demand attributed to its growing demand from the textile industry. The application of sodium dichromate in chrome-based dyeing is of immense significance in textiles’ fiber dyeing procedures. The dyeing quality of the output textile fiber, regarding color fastness and aesthetics, cannot be achieved by any kind of dye available in the market. Apart from the color characteristics and good wet fastness, the chrome-based procedure results in economic and energy-saving benefits and environmental safety.

Sodium dichromate is an essential chromium product that finds extensive usage in the production of chromium pigments and chromic acid deployed in corrosion control and leather tanning. Tanning animal hides to make leather comprises permanently modifying the hide protein structure, thereby improving its durability and making its less susceptible to disintegration, as well as dying.

Key Highlights From The Report

In August 2019, LANXESS, a firm engaged in the production and supply of specialty chemicals, entered into a definitive agreement with Brother Enterprises, a leather chemicals firm based in China, to divest chrome chemical business.

Calcium-free roasting held a significant market share of sodium dichromate in 2019 as the energy consumption during calcium-free roasting is about 35.0% less compared to calcium roasting.

Sodium dichromate is highly water-soluble. It is not only a better corrosion inhibitor but also a major intermediate chemical in the production of several chromium compounds.

The growth of the sodium dichromate market in North America is attributed to the growth of the paper and textile industries. Also, increasing demand for wood preservatives in the building and construction sector is causative of the increased market demand.

Key participants include Lanxess, Nippon Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd., Chongquing Minfeng Chemical Co. Ltd., Jinshi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Elementis, Hebei Chromate Chemical Co. Ltd., American Elements, Sichuan Yinhe Chemical Co. Ltd., Soda Sanayii AS, and Xinjiang Sing Horn Group, among others.

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Trends and Highlights

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