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Somatic Therapy: A Complete Guide

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Somatic experiencing therapy San Diego is a body-centered treatment that begins with the body's responses to trauma-induced stress. You may not be able to communicate about your traumatic experiences other than your bodily sensations during the incident and the physical symptoms that continue to affect you, depending on the therapist you pick and the strategies they use.  It is a comprehensive therapeutic method that takes into account a person's mind, body, soul, and emotions during the healing process. Proponents of this style of treatment think that a person's ideas, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs may alter physical functioning, while physical elements like nutrition, exercise, and posture may affect a person's mental and emotional state in a good or negative way. 


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As a result, persons seeking treatment for a variety of mental health issues may find somatic therapy to be useful. Somatic psychotherapy is the major field of somatic psychology, and it is based on the mind-body link. The idea of the mind and body as one thing is crucial to the therapeutic process, according to modern somatic therapy practitioners. Given the correct environment, this mind/body entity will heal and expand on its own, and interpersonal interactions, when handled safely and respectfully, may favorably effect and help regulate the mind/body. According to San Diego somatic therapists, prior trauma-related experiences can become imprisoned in the body and manifest themselves in facial expressions, posture, muscle discomfort, and other types of body language.

The following are examples of somatic symptom disorder symptoms: 

Whether it's specific feelings like pain or shortness of breath or more general symptoms like exhaustion or weakness. There are three levels of severity: mild, moderate, and severe. The most frequent symptom is pain, but whatever your symptoms are, you have excessive thoughts, emotions, or behaviors associated with them, which create substantial issues, make it difficult to work, and can be debilitating.

Although the actual origin of somatic symptom disorder is unknown, any of these variables might be involved. But some general causes suggested by somatic experiencing therapists in San Diego include the following; 

  • Genetic and biochemical variables, such as heightened pain sensitivity
  • Family influences, which can be hereditary, environmental, or a combination of the two.
  • Negativity is a personality characteristic that might affect how you recognize and experience sickness and body symptoms.
  • Physical symptoms take precedence over emotional concerns due to a lack of awareness of or difficulties processing emotions.
  • Learned behavior, such as increased concentration or other advantages from having an illness; or "pain behaviors" in reaction to symptoms, such as excessive avoidance of activities, which can lead to increased impairment.

People who get somatic therapy may get a deeper sense of self-awareness and connectedness to others. Participants may be able to get a greater understanding of their bodies, lower stress levels, and address emotional and physical difficulties. Individuals can benefit from somatic psychotherapy to address a variety of concerns. Some people seek somatic therapy as part of their treatment plan to enhance emotional control, address interpersonal issues, reduce anxiety or depression symptoms, and boost self-confidence. Although there is minimal scientific evidence to support this treatment, research shows that somatic treatments may be beneficial when used in the treatment of disorders such as borderline personality disorder. Mindfulness therapy in San Diego can help you recover initially from your mental disorders and problems which can help to prevent serious consequences. 




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