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Spices and Seasoning Products - Increasing Demand and Benefits of Selling Online Amid COVID-19

Spices and Seasoning Products - Increasing Demand and Benefits of Selling Online Amid COVID-19

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the seasoning and spices market has witnessed a surge in demand, with the majority of consumers being stuck cooking at home. For instance, McCormick & Co. Inc. - an American food company registered a $195.9 million profit on seasonings and spices during the second quarter, up from $149.4 million a year ago. The 31% growth rate was largely due to a growing demand of spices, seasonings, and other essential ingredients. 

Raw turmeric - a popular spice with medicinal properties on the respiratory system - registered a 300% increase in demand in Europe and Middle-East amid the coronavirus situation. As consumers look for ingredients to cook tasty food at home or boost immunity, spices and seasonings are an obvious choice. 

Benefits of selling spices online

Spices and seasoning products have always been in demand, but the closure of brick-and-mortar stores due to COVID-19 has left limited options for sellers. In order to survive and continue earning, online selling is the only feasible solution. Below we’ve highlighted key benefits of selling spices and seasonings online:

Option to list infinite varieties

Unlike physical retail stores, the online marketplace enables sellers to list a wider range of spices and seasoning products with ease. Your customers get access to large varieties of spices they need or desire to use. This is somewhat difficult to accommodate at a physical store, especially now with the pandemic at its peak.

Cater to a larger audience globally

Amid stay-at-home orders, online marketplaces present more potential opportunities for sellers to cater to a larger audience globally. With integrated shipping options, e-commerce marketplaces enable vendors to sell almost anywhere and with ease. This can be a blessing-in-disguise moment for sellers previously reluctant to use online marketplaces.

Sustainable source for today and future growth

From “one-click shopping” to “buy-online pick-up in store”, there are plenty of options for sellers to cater to their consumers. Online marketplaces improve visibility, engagement, and introduce your brand to a new and vibrant audience. By investing in a promising marketplace, sellers can build a sustainable revenue source for today and future growth. 

Become an online seller

As the majority of consumers are confined to their homes, it is the perfect time to sell your spices online. But, before you start selling, it is imperative to choose the right platform.

For instance, Amazon - a hugely popular marketplace for selling anything online - is, unfortunately, the most competitive place to sell. In comparison, it is advised to invest in a marketplace that offers ample opportunity to grow and benefits that are unlikely to be offered elsewhere. 

The Seasoning Pantry is a promising marketplace with an abundance of benefits for spices, seasonings and tea sellers. Register early to avail of free listings, easy sign-ups, and zero subscription charges.

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