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Staffing in Times of Post Covid-19 A New Paradigm

Major impact of Covid-19 pandemic has been economical. It has spelled disaster in all fronts but the standstill that it has created has wrecked many economies. As usual the impact has been on individuals and small businesses the most.

Small players, entrepreneurs, start ups, small industries are reeling under the shock of this sudden intrusion. This article on economic impact does not in any way ignore the tragic death of so many people due to the pandemic.

Staffing in Times of Post Covid-19 A New Paradigm

Nevertheless, the financial crisis cannot be ignored either and its impact on long term sustainability is a cause of concern. The standstill or lockdown has certainly resulted in reduced cash flows and incomes of the employers which directly or indirectly has resulted in the loss of employment to an impressive degree.

In United States the social distancing norms means that businesses of all shapes and size have to shutter down their offices and shops. This is compounded by the fear that is instilled among the customers who are hesitating to shop or buy, visit eateries, malls, markets and keeping themselves to safety of their home environment. All street side economies have come to a stop even in regions or states where the impact is minimal. The future is uncertain and people fear whence they will come under the infectious net even if their domicile is not that badly hit.

A large number of workers and professional have been laid off due to the financial crunch and their future is deemed uncertain.

In the post pandemic period the norms applicable would be much different, and this would impact the job availability. The social distancing norms would not encourage crowding rather a thin attendance would be encouraged. But this would only affect the line management and not the quantitative services in IT technology sector or manufacturing. These would certainly receive a big boost due to demand among the players that have managed to survive the epidemic battle. It is ironic and regretful to state that many in the competitive sphere especially those with limited finances may not survive.

As per the frequent surveys the job insecurity is becoming worse as more and more people are being laid off. This impact has been felt in all the sectors of the economy at present. Albeit Government does play a positive role in a contingency striking the economy on humongous scale the role at best can be ameliorative.

Tragic effect of this viral intrusion has been felt on human front with loss of lives across the globe. But the economic disaster is progressive and interconnected to a global chain and will need unprecedented remedial measures. The recovery would depend much on how the Governments and institution respond by inducting life saving schemes and doles.

The impact has not been severe at all among those in permanent Government service but it has impacted those in quasi Government jobs or those who are employed as temporary.

For those in professional staffing industry the pandemic is a challenge. The need of the hour would be to fulfill work forces in sectors that recover fast in the post Covid-19 period. Not a vicious or selfish conjecture but there would be loss of professionals and skilled workers due to loss of life during this pandemic. This is a stark reality which those in staffing business will have to take into consideration.

There would be a selective demand for professionals and skilled work force initial. It will come like an opportunity for those recruiters who are aware of the post pandemic situation. This is obvious since some may be less affected by the pandemic and will definitely be required to boost their work force as economy recovers and demands surge. There is going to be a revolutionary change in staffing industry which can be gauged by going through numerous data available in form of surveys and assessment reports. Those who keep abreast of the data available and keep on track are going to emerge as winners.

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