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Stop. Look. Listen. Say


When it comes to parenting, we all know how difficult, complicated, easy it can be together as a whole you can say it is a complicated ye smooth task! Stop. Look. Listen. Say, this is again one of the best ways of controlling your child. Now you must be wondering what exactly we are trying to say. For that, you need to keep reading this blog! The Talk Room, the best Personality Development Institute Dehradun will be discussing parenting and different ways by which you can make assure that your child is on right track.

We groom our students right from the scratch. We help them to gain the confidence which they require to spark up their personality. We also conduct online classes for both kids and adults.

Especially during this lockdown period, it becomes quite difficult for the parents to control their child as well know this is the period where we all are emotionally low and trying to be strong mentally but due to these factors it sometimes becomes difficult to understand your child and their needs. Schools are shut and your child is at home the whole day but this thing should not become a negative point for your child’s growth. Instead, you should set certain boundaries so that your child is disciplined, active, and inculcate good values at the same time. The Talk Room’ is one of the best personality development classes as well as a training center and has the best motivational speaker in Dehradun.

Stop. Look. Listen. Say, It is a four steps formula which you can try with your kids as it will help them to follow and your instructions in a better way and if you think that your child disobeys you then you should definitely implement it! Before we begin with explaining the steps it is equally important for you to understand your child. Your child is similarly experiencing stress which may reflect in their daily behavior. If the change in their behavior is drastic then you should talk to them about it and if counseling is required you should definitely go for it.

Stop. Look. Listen. Say. Is it the easy way of getting your work done by your child or if you want them to obey you? Whenever you want them to follow you the first thing that you should do is to stop them and make eye contact Look at them because eyes do the talking! Later on, keep your instruction forward such that they listen to it carefully, after you complete your statement ask them to say anything in response, and when they say try understanding them and their point of view at the same time.

This method will surely boost the relation between you and your child resulting in your child being more friendly, disciplined, and expressive with you. That is again a great point for their overall development.

If you notice that your child is lacking confidence or you want to improve their language knowledge you should definitely get in touch with the best Personality Development Institute Dehradun, The Talk Room. It is one of the renowned classes in Dehradun, to know more about us and our coaching get in touch with us.

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