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Story of Gin And Tonic

Story of Gin And Tonic

While gin is a universal spirit albeit popular in Europe and UK its consumption is increasing day by day. Often distilled from rye  and mixed with herbs and roots a unique flavor is created. But this is a broad category alcoholic drink with plethora of variants all over the World. Sold in branded bottles its consumption peaked due to being less costly as compared with other spirits. 


The Bacchus has a long history and was distilled as a mendicant by the clergy in Italy. This property did not last long as it picked up as one of the most liked spirit in Europe. It soon became popular in England, France and Netherlands with some labeling it as a family drink. This happened in early seventeenth century and continues till today. The brands available on self are mind boggling with each subscribing to a unique flavor and style. The wide range of brands and flavor due to numerous herbal infusions has also boosted it sales by finding new consumers. This new found publicity and increased consumption is trending all over Europe and filtering down to other countries.     


Another angle to its popularity especially among the British soldiers is due to quinine which was consumed in to ward off malaria. The disease is   mosquito born and was spread all over Asia including India. To bitter concoction or quinine gin was added to mask the the taste. This was than followed by addition of lemon flavored tonic. Eventually sweetened tonic was manufactured with addition of quinine. This new beverage was consumed along with gin and the combination became legendary and is so till date. The tonic is sold in carbonated form as well and is called tonic soda. The contemporary tonic contains only a trace of quinine as         it is no longer required as a mendicant but nevertheless retained as flavor. Though often mixed in cocktails it primary use is to imbibe it with gin or craft gin. 



Like the spirit tonic too is manufactured using many flavors spruce from old Christmas trees being one of them.  While lemon is a standard flavor of tonic juniper berries are a standard for gin. Many flavored spirits now dominate the market all over Europe and more recipes are becoming popular day by day.       


The distillation process results in sparkling white spirits ready to be consumed. Most are bottled and branded to be sold in the markets. Rye is  the major raw  material along with addition of juniper berry extract, elfin thyme, cowslip and ginger for flavor as in Nordic Gin distilled by Lahhentagge Distillery. 

craft spirits are becoming popular because of unique taste. Most of the crafted products have become overnight sensations. Nevertheless alcoholic drinks should be consumed in limitation as they can be injurious for health.      
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