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Sustainable Plywood: How Can You Use It to Add A Unique Touch to Your Kitchen?

Each one of us wants to experience happier and healthier lives, and undoubtedly, sustainable wood is helping us and the environment to achieve this. Fortunately, there have been multiple advances in interior design which is contributing to a greener life. One of those advances is sustainable plywood. Thanks to advanced engineering due to which plywood kitchen design is at the forefront of home sustainability. Read on to find out why a sustainable plywood door and other plywood furniture for the kitchen is a perfect choice. 


What is Plywood? 

Plywood may seem like a fairly new concept, but its first occurrence was 1500 BC. Plywood consists of thin sheets of wood and adhesive which are further compressed to sufficiently bond and create the final product. Due to its better strength, versatility, and stability, plywood is used in construction and also in furniture manufacturing.

Areas Where Plywood Can Be Used In the Kitchen

From walls to furniture, plywood is versatile enough to be used for any part of the kitchen.

1. Floors

Beautiful plywood flooring is a great and affordable alternative to solid wood flooring. Whether as a plank or parquet flooring, the plywood flooring options are endless. While these floors are not necessarily as durable as wood floors, they can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

2. Walls

Sustainable plywood can be used as a centrepiece in home construction. Interior plywood is not a structural element, but it offers more strength and support than drywall, making it a great option for siding. Alternatively, the sealed plywood can be mounted to an existing wall to add the natural look and warmth of wood.

3. Cabinets

Cabinet plywood is typically constructed from hardwood, which has intrinsic qualities that create colour and pattern. Birch or ash wood, both of which have a lovely light colour, are frequently utilised. Cabinet doors come in a variety of styles, ranging from plain, contemporary panelling to ornamental motifs. Choose whether to preserve the wood's attractiveness or to add a paint finish that complements your kitchen's design.

4. Countertop

The finished plywood can even double as a kitchen countertop. Make sure the lid is sealed properly and apply proper care as you would for solid wood lids. So, you can add plywood to your add a unique touch to your kitchen countertops. 

Different Kitchen Styles to Create Using Plywood

Sustainable plywood is one of the best choices for any kitchen, regardless of the style. You can easily cover any colour or stain using plywood. Some of the styles that you can create using plywood are - 

  • Contemporary - Experiment with some new designs and create boundaries using plywood. Its aesthetic appeal can add great contrast to your sleek subway tile backsplash and black marble countertop.
  • Industrial - Creating an industrial look into your kitchen pays homage to your kitchen’s structure. The beautifully layered edges of the plywood expose its fabricated core, making it perfect for industrial kitchens. Choose a cabinet design and finish that showcases the beautiful layers for all to see, combined with stainless steel accents for a stylish look.
  • Scandinavian -Scandinavian style is well-known for incorporating blond plywood furniture into the interior having white-dipped accents. Stick to the simplicity by incorporating light plywood cabinetry by giving little black and white details.

Plywood is one of the most versatile modern building materials, suitable for both structural and decorative elements of your home. Get the best green approval by ensuring that your plywood is sourced and manufactured in a sustainable manner, and you'll know you're doing your part for the environment. Also, make sure to get the product from one of the best plywood manufacturers in India so that you can get quality plywood under your budget. This will keep you kitchen’s furniture durable and strong for years to come. 


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