Debasish Majumder

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Water bodies are only available in our planet

But majority of it is full of salinity

Sweet water do available in scanty

But it only bear the eloquent testimony

For lives to exist with gamut of expressions with unique variety

Blue it alone manifests from space out of its magnificent zest!

Ponds are unique water bodies

Which crafted by nature by her own dignified strategy and tactics

A mirror which capture the grand process of evolution

produces images in human cerebral with mystic reflection!

Water and Oxygen though abundant in Earth's floor

But required sweet water only can ensure lives to explore

Oxygen being discharged as waste by Cynobacteria first

It evidently declares it is life which appear on Earth at first

Till then there is no dearth

Life really rolls on with unique gravity on Earth's surface at large

Water bodies still contain its charismatic presence

Survival for the fittest is a farcical call to fantasies with exuberance!

In water bodies there is evidence of continuous strife

Between predators and prey with bloody hype

Triggering us to engage too in strife

Struggling for existence thus became our only jive!

It is the pressure

Which eventually burst to make composure

Heat plays the cynical role

To wipe out many and pave numerous to exist with grand hyperbole!

Contraction and attraction

Two continuous process of contradiction always in manifestation

Enabled water to evolve

Which configures the physical structure of any object at random

From amniotic fluid to saliva

Our sensory organ responses with mystic panorama

Water too comprised as compound

Where unity in opposites only reign to make us astound

Repudiating the character of both elements

I wonder, is it a clemency of mystic nature which engulfs us with exuberance?

Sweet water is presently facing major crisis

Causing a global syndrome with great emphasis

For excessive alacrity of avarice and profit

Making the dismal picture of our ambiance candid

Where greed of few

Inducing myriad to extinct, leaving no traces of their hue!

Sweet is synonymous to deceit

Majority are being duped by few's hoodwinking treat

What a ludicrous breed, but they do exist

Beckoning catastrophe without knowing

How our planet is facing jeopardy and confronting ignominy

Hypnotizing people with their sweet coated words

They only responsible for all majority's misery and fuss!

Yet we need sweet water to exist and thrive

The only ingredient having impact on our vibe.


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CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #6

Consciousness flows thick with meaning through this poem.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #5

Debasish, When she was getting her PhD, my engineer daughter told me that potable water is already the most important resource on the planet. Nothing in the years since then have countered her words. the next wars will be over water, not oil. And so it goes.

Water Poverty is the emerging problem here in our region. This negates the need for a basic component of our bodies and lives. Surely, this issue to could to great conflicts if not addressed properly.

Water, will soon be if not already, worth more than anything money can buy.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #2

A nice ode to our human envelops :-)

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