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Listen dear; you are behaving rudely in bed

You are hurting me, can’t you get?

‘Shut up you bitch

You are my better half; you have no right to make any hitch

You are being crafted by nature to satiate my desire

I am adorning you out of my wealth which I only aspire

My wealth I offer

To make a grand coffer

This suits you as per my desire

I am contented to display you as an object for other do admire.

You are merely an object of lust

You exist only out of my imagination which only I trust

Out of my obsession I dare to construct an expensive edifice

Where my endeavor will only endorse my sincere emphasis for mundane synopsis

People only admire my love for you

Hardly they will care you are beautiful, only they will focus that I adore you

You exist out of my caprice

My presence will dominate your existence and price

You have no choice apart from bowing to me

Dear, I live only for thee.

I wonder why female

Making so noise with acrimonious gale

Who they are without us

We male only make prolific tribute to their fetus

We alone determine their existence

Without ‘Y’ chromosome do they have any presence?

Still I am amazed by their brazen clamor

Claiming their rights and entity with huge blabber!

I am happy to declare with flair

It is man who determine the history of all human affair

Please don’t hate but bear

Am I not depicting all men’s heart’s symphony?

Females are claiming they are subjected to male’s atrocity

I cannot realize why they uproar with such mendacity?

Do they have any distinct entity?

For which we revere and salute them hastily?


I truly despise them

They are the reason of all mayhem

Human history reveals

For them only all ruckus unveils and reels

I truly don’t care about their fetus

They only can bear Judas and Jesus

Who cares how human history rolls?

Sexual equilibrium is a myth, having no reasonable role

Who truly cares about amniotic fluid?

Only caring of Oxygen and gamut of external gases for their existence and relief!

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from our poem bee

well, well, well … quite a conversation between the actors of your tale Debasish Majumder

Paul Walters

2 years ago #9

Debasish Majumder on this one...a bit of a departure for you Debasish!!

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #8

Geez For a minute I thought this has been written by somebody else... :-) a good trick to make us think

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #7

Bill King

Dear Debasish Majumder- I wonder how gentlemen would treat their wives as night girls and how this could bring them pleasure? Men need women more than women need men. Weren't men delivered by the fetus of women?

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #5

Debasish, You opened he door on the horror that all women should fear and all men should carve into small pieces and feed to carrion birds.

Impressions of an unfortunate mindset. Well written Debasish Majumder.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #3

Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic

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