Debasish Majumder

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I am truly bearing an excruciating pain

I wonder, am I truly deserved to be subjected to such disdain?

My only dear girl unfortunately raped and murdered

By the perpetrators who took the advantage for her lone situation to adhere

She felt helpless when she was returning from her place of work

Where she work with her male counterpart shoulder to shoulder without any dearth

Her upbringing and nurtured intelligence

She marvels out of her own wit to excel with utter exuberance.

Being a father moment I receive the tiding

My dear daughter is missing

While she was on her way to rest to her endearing nest

A sense of fear engulfed me, what has happened to her

Why she is not conveying her present status

I cannot restrain my jittery for her brief hiatus

Fear and agony engulfed me

I cannot decide what to do in the present hour

From pillar to post I am running to acquire her where about

Whether she is in bout

I am helpless, I am feeling dizzy

My dear daughter whether confronting any misery?

I never felt equal stress

When my son is outside even at midnight

I never asked him, why he did not inform me about his flight

I am rest assured he must be well secured in his coterie

After all we are accustomed to buy

Men are different and well secured comparing to their counterpart without any sigh!

It is our available social fabric

Where men are forced to undermine female taking advantage of their physical configuration

This is entirely nature’s trick

Where men and women both are subdued to nature’s intriguing sync!

Suddenly I received a call from local police station

Asking me to appear before them with haste for certain interrogation

I reached with my earliest possibility

Only to recognize my dear daughter’s dead body in nearby mortuary

Alas! Her mundane body being in a state of grotesque

Evil doers made their distorted orgy with a sign without any purview

Which nobody perhaps can decipher with any clue

I only wonder and asked to myself

My poor daughter does deserve such infamy and disgrace?

Being educated she went to her place of work

How come she could be a subject of orgy of few eccentric at stark!

In the mortuary I am forced to identify her corpse

My dear daughter is no more, a mere body only in a phase to fester and fraught

I momentarily cannot buy

A living soul can be silenced perpetually by few fanatics nefarious cry!

I am upbringing my son and a daughter both with equal fervor

Since inception they are just child without discriminating their sexual stature

I never conceived my daughter would be subjected to any atrocity in future for her gender

How could I envisage the societal guidance?

Which may eclipse by gender biases to subject such heinous affair?

In due course of time

My dear daughter will become a softest prey to such nefarious crime!

The perpetrators will mutilate my daughter’s body

Whom I have to struggle just to identify with sheer agony!

I am now in utter quandary

How will we protect our female progeny from such infamy?

Mothers, wives and sisters

Continuously strive to render their utmost fervor

For them only we all dwell in this planet with grand symphony

In an available milieu with sheer harmony!

Alas! My poor daughter

Not she alone but myriad are now in flutter

Females are now becoming an endanger species

By males orgy they are roasting them by adding spices of warrant

They should restrict them in their house hold chores, culinary affairs and carrying progeny

A middle age dictum we are now heralding with arrogance to suppress their intellectual supremacy

I cannot realize are the perpetrators born from female fetus

How they dare to cause such inhuman ruckus?


People are now extending their sympathy

To a father who has lost her dear prince, clouded with sheer agony

I wonder are they not a brother, father or son

Who are so impotent, not capable to care even their sisters and mom?

I truly treated my daughter as my dear prince

I could not envisage queenly stature is no longer in existence

Male chauvinism has absorbed all fecundity

Only me like few fathers are left to shed tears for loss of their dear ones surreptitiously!

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #6

Debasish Majumder I am almost without words ... but not without tears ... some wounds cannot be healed. "Weep with those who weep" "A time to mourn A time to heal A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them" A time for Peace. ~ Ecclesiastes (I pray this is written not from personal experience)

Such a bad experience that I fail to comment on its disturbing effect dear Debasish Majumder

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #4

Soul destroying experience I would not wish even to my enemies 🤔

Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #3

Debasish, My friend, no parent should have to endure this pain. I'm a peaceable man but I believe monsters that commit acts like these should be hunted down and killed like the rabid dogs they are. Any who allow a male child to reach manhood believing they are superior to women and can act so unconscionably should be subjected to whatever form of marking women decide is appropriate and thereafter shunned.

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #2

Fay Vietmeier

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