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Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021


For the software development industry and programmers 2020 has been a significant year with lots of breakthroughs in several areas. With the global pandemic, digitization has sped up remarkably, so the trends that we will be discussing today will be much greater than the last year.

The development of software and web applications has become a crucial aspect of today’s business while programmers or developers have become an integral part of the enterprise that helps businesses innovate, emerge and thrive.

We’ve already spent four months into 2021 and it’s crystal clear that a programmer with cutting-edge skills will continue to be on the top of the corporate battle.

So, in this article, I am going to focus on the technology trends and planning for programmers in 2021. All the mentioned trends will be based on the facts, figures and data from authenticate sources to offer clear-cut information.

Predictions On 

So, what are the trends that are going to be on top this year?

1. Multi-Cloud

When it comes to public cloud providers there is no doubt about who is leading in the market. According to statista, Amazon Web Services is leading the cloud market with 32%. While Microsoft has a market share of 20% and Google Cloud is in third place with a 9% market share. And it’s more likely to be the top-three in 2021 as well.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

Moreover, the Multi-Cloud initiative will come into momentum with several companies moving towards it. Firstly, being reluctant to the multi-cloud strategy, Amazon has now entered this market as well making it seamless for the programmers to deploy their applications in Multiple Clouds.

2. Blockchain

One of the most disruptive technologies that have been recently introduced is Blockchain and has been used for the Cryptocurrency concept. However, it has the potential to change the whole IT industry and it is projected by PR Newswire to reach $30.7 billion by the year 2027 with 43% CAGR. It will most likely be used as a Smart Contract mechanism in 2021 among different industries.

3. Quantum Computing

Undoubtedly, Quantum Computing is the most reformist technology in the current era of digitization. It is most likely to impact every sector. And based on what IBM has recently reported in their research blogs, by 2023 they will debut a 1,121 qubit IBM Quantum Condor processor.

To clearly understand its perspective: if we think of the most advanced Supercomputer as a Chess player or 8th-grade mathematics student, then Quantum computers can be referred to as the supergenius Mathematician like Euler or a chess player that can play with about 50 average chess players at once.

So keeping the vast possibilities and enormous interest, we will be seeing some mind-blowing discoveries and breakthroughs in Quantum Computing this 2021.

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